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Which Platform Is Right for Your Needs?

Level and protected ground is a major plus in any commercial space. It creates a safer environment for visitors or employees, makes it easier to move equipment, and turns previously unstable areas into sturdy surfaces. Aluminum platforms are an ideal choice to make surfaces easy to navigate, whether inside or outside. As the industry leader in aluminum accessibility solutions, including platforms, EZ-ACCESS® will be your guide to choosing the right structure for your needs. 

EZ-ACCESS Aluminum Decking Products

The features and uses of platforms may vary depending on the setting or facility. The designs all stem from an aluminum base that is able to withstand heavy activity. Whether they’ll be permanent or temporary, all of these products have the ability to be put together and taken down quickly. EZ-ACCESS has three types of platforms to choose from:

  • Platform Walkway: Secure and stable paths provide clear direction of traffic flow. Whether you’re connecting multiple buildings at a campus or need elevated paths that create safe walkways, the PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System is a great choice. With a 48-inch usable width, the walkway features plenty of space for users to navigate between points. Those who use mobility devices will have plenty of room to maneuver, and there is room for bi-directional traffic flow. As part of a modular system, this product can be easily installed as a standalone or with additional ramps and stairs for accessibility at needed points. The corrosion-resistant aluminum keeps the product in great condition over the years, even when used outdoors with exposure to weather. With independently adjustable legs, it’s easy to keep level, even when the ground is not. It’s designed with code compliance in mind and meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in addition to most local codes. The handrails are quick to install and ensure everyone stays safely on the walkway. 
  • Platform Decking: PATHWAY HD Platform Decking turns our platform walkways into a broad expanse that’s ideal for creating a bigger surface. These custom-designed aluminum platforms can be made into any size or layout you could need. When you contact EZ-ACCESS, we’ll partner with you to determine what layout will work best for your space. Whether you want to create a stage, add a stable spot at a park to place picnic tables, or make a viewing platform at a scenic spot, this product is flexible in configuration. As part of our modular design, the platform can utilize handrails around the perimeter where needed or can be installed without them. This is the ideal option when you need a surface wider than the 48-inch PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System but still want all the benefits of the sturdy aluminum design. 
  • Work Platform: Commercial and industrial work facilities benefit from a safe workspace that is clear of ground hazards. The PATHWAY HD Work Platforms are designed to give your facility stable support to access equipment and safely maneuver around the space. With adjustable elevation, these aluminum surfaces allow for cables and pipes to run undisturbed underneath so nothing is disrupted. The available ramps and stairs that can easily integrate into the modular system make accessing the platform simple, even when pushing or pulling something heavy. The customizations range in possibility, even allowing for platforms that are stories above. When you need a bird’s-eye view or maximum usage of available space, this is a handy option. 

Examples of Platform Uses 

There are endless possibilities for utilizing the platform systems from EZ-ACCESS. The durability to withstand outdoor and indoor conditions, along with the customization by our team, make it a flexible solution for any space. Here are some common and creative ways these aluminum decks can be leveraged: 

  • Stages for Events: Hosting an event with a performance or concert? Our aluminum decking is ideal for creating a level space that will hold entire orchestras or give plenty of room for a dance routine. The platform can be installed as a permanent stage or used as a temporary fixture that is easy to disassemble and take with you for traveling shows. With the help of our Research and Development team, additional reinforcement can be built into the structure to withstand heavy loads. 
  • Viewing Platforms: Sometimes a scenic view needs a safe, accessible space to get the full visual. The edge of a lake overlooking the water or the view of a forest valley can be treacherous in its natural state. Roots, rocks, and divots in the ground could be risky. A platform can safely overcome those hazards while ensuring the view is accessible to those using mobility devices. With aluminum’s resistance to corrosion, it won’t be harmed by the elements and will last for ages. The modular platform easily accommodates our commercial ramps, making the view open to everyone. 
  • Elevated Walkways: Looking to go up and over a large piece of equipment or create a second-story walkway? A platform provides vantage points and additional functionality by utilizing unused overhead space. Elevated platforms create an additional “floor” that expands square footage and reduces space compression. Raised walkways can also make it easier to get between points in a large facility to avoid extensive navigation around equipment or machinery. 
  • Decks or Patios: Our aluminum platforms can create dedicated outdoor areas for dining, relaxation, or simply getting fresh air. The slip-resistant surface will stay secure underfoot for your guests and employees with minimal maintenance. Add a commercial wheelchair ramp to ensure accessibility for those with mobility devices. 
  • Ride Loading Areas: Theme parks and traveling fairs frequently need platforms that allow patrons to get on and off rides.  Think of a Ferris wheel—the line usually leads up to a sturdy deck that allows riders to get in and out of the cabins. Our aluminum deck options have the customizable design to perfectly adjoin any attraction for easy access. For mobile attractions, the platforms can be easily disassembled and stowed for portability to the next stop! 
  • Graduations: When receiving a degree, the graduate should be the center of attention—and what better way to do that than having a prominent place to stand? Our aluminum platforms can quickly be configured and provide plenty of space for speakers, administrators, and students walking across the stage. For settings like gymnasiums or football fields that will only need a temporary platform, the EZ-ACCESS solutions can be set up and removed in a short time, then stored for use year after year. 
  • Safer Outdoor Ground: When creating an outdoor respite for your employees to have lunch or take a break, no one wants to walk through dirt, mud, or gravel. Installing an aluminum platform provides slip-resistant ground that will keep shoes clean and reduce the risk of injuries. Even fitness facilities can take advantage of platforms to establish fresh-air sections of the gym where equipment can have a stable, level surface that won’t shift underneath it. 
  • Equipment Protection: In industrial settings or facilities, cables, pipes, and lines often span the area. Aluminum platforms provide an elevated workspace that protects the integrity of those features. Instead of navigating around or between them, your team can easily work on a platform that sits above their equipment and infrastructure. Designated walking spaces made from the platforms also ensure activity stays within assigned areas. 
  • Multi-Level Storage: Storage can be a problem if your building’s space is constrained. Stowing materials, products, and tools can become difficult and overflow into the workspace, causing decreased productivity. If your building or warehouse has enough height, you might be able to significantly increase the room available using platforms. Installing the decking at height adds additional square footage for boxes, equipment, and other materials.

Selecting Your Platform

Our platforms provide extreme flexibility in how they can be configured and used, but they all carry the same benefits. Durable aluminum makes them long-lasting, and the EZ-ACCESS touch ensures they’re crafted with top-quality craftsmanship right in the United States. No matter what solution you’re seeking, our Customer Service team is ready to help you get the perfect aluminum platform. When you contact us, we’ll connect you with the access solutions perfectly adapted to your goals. Get the platform you need and create the space you deserve with EZ-ACCESS.

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