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Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting a Shed Ramp

Whether you have a small shed in the yard for your lawnmower or massive outdoor storage structures for work equipment, hauling items in and out shouldn’t be a pain. When there’s a ledge or step present, even the best riding mower can hit a dead stop. You waste time trying to maneuver it up the ledge or need a second pair of hands to help, but even then, pushing something heavy up a ridge is next to impossible. Putting equipment away after a long day of work shouldn’t be so frustrating. That’s where the EZ-ACCESS® shed ramp products come in handy. With several options to suit different situations, you’ll be free to get working or end your day without any hiccups. 

Why You Need a Shed Ramp

When you purchase or build a shed, the floor of the unit is elevated, creating a step to enter. This obstacle can be imposing when you’re in and out frequently, especially with yard equipment or other heavy objects. When you’re tired after a sweaty day in the sun, it also becomes a tripping hazard. Shed ramps bridge the change in surface height from the outdoor ground to the floor of the storage unit. They give wheeled equipment a gentle grade that simplifies getting equipment to where you need it. Driving a lawnmower or pushing a snowblower into a shed can be a problem without a smooth surface to get over the edge. A quality shed ramp is quick and easy to put in place and makes it simple to get things right where you want them. It’s not just wheeled items that benefit; your legs do, too. Imagine carrying something heavy like a portable generator and trying to step up into the shed after a long day. Shed ramps improve the walkability of the area and decrease the risk of tripping on the ledge, all while protecting your valuable equipment. 

Who Can Benefit From a Shed Ramp?

Homeowners who have a shed or similar storage space need a shed ramp to improve navigating in and out, especially when handling equipment. Having to mow the lawn every week is enough of a chore, and getting the lawnmower in or out of the shed doesn’t need to add to the work. Having this smooth transition also eases the wear and tear on wheels and eliminates the risk of frontal or underside damage.

Business owners benefit from shed ramps, too. If your company has sheds or similar buildings for equipment storage, these ramps make life easier for employees and improve safety with reduced risk of falls. The less time it takes them to move equipment, the more efficient the team can be. With their portability, ramps for sheds are great for those who frequently access different storage buildings or sheds on different properties. They’re also ideal for use with portable storage units, which have a similar structure to sheds.

What Is the Best Ramp for a Shed?

Choosing the correct ramp for your shed will depend on factors such as the size of the shed, intended use, and the weight it will need to bear. We’ll break down our three options to help you decide the best shed ramp for your own uses. 

  • TRAVERSE™ HD Portable Storage Ramp: With an extraordinary rated load capacity of 2,500 lbs for the set, this portable storage ramp is a beast in a compact frame. This ramp has the highest load rating in our shed access line. It comes in both 21-inch and 28-inch widths that accommodate large tires and is available in 3-ft and 4-ft lengths to provide options based on your needs. Sold in sets of two, the ramps can be placed as close or as far apart as needed to work with anything you’re bringing in or out of the shed. Built of durable aluminum, the ramp will tolerate years of use and exposure to weather. The aluminum also makes it lightweight and easy to transport wherever you go. At 20.5 lbs to 34.4 lbs, transporting the TRAVERSE HD Portable Storage Ramp is much easier to move than most items in your shed. The attached comfort grip handles add to the convenience. The applied high-traction tread is slip-resistant for both people and wheels, even in wet conditions. Pre-drilled anchoring holes provide the option to secure the ramps in place for long-term use, but they aren’t required if you plan to frequently reposition or transport them. Otherwise, there’s no assembly required for this product. This versatile ramp is the perfect solution for all your shed ramp needs.
  • TRAVERSE™ Curb Plate: This is a single-piece plate that is sturdy and suits raised surfaces up to 5.75 inches high. Placed at the curb or edge of the shed, the underside tabs keep it from slipping away from the edge during use. The extended upper transition projects far enough to ensure there is a seamless surface change that won’t interrupt your work. The 1.5-inch side walls keep wheeled items from rolling off either edge. The TRAVERSE Curb Plate has a rated load of 1,000 lbs thanks to the strength of the aluminum it’s crafted with. At just over 27 inches wide and 27 inches long, the compact surface is great for narrow equipment like wheelbarrows. Many users opt to purchase two of them for wider applicability. The plate is made of aluminum, keeping the structure lightweight and transportable. The applied texturized material creates a slip-resistant surface, enhancing the safety of this durable Curb Plate. 
  • TRAVERSE™ Portable Storage Ramp: Sold in sets of two, this product is a heavy hitter that is available in both a 3-ft and 4-ft option. You can choose either 18 inches or 24 inches for the width of each ramp. This set has a rated load of 1,000 lbs, making it great for home garden sheds and portable storage units. There are pre-drilled holes for anchoring the ramps in place whether they’re being used short-term or long-term. The self-adjusting lower transition plate and fixed transition plate at the top facilitate an easy change from one surface to the other. Like our other ramps, these are made of high-quality aluminum, which ensures long-term durability, resistance to corrosion, and lightweight construction suitable for portability. For added security, the surface is extruded for built-in slip resistance. This is a lightweight set of ramps at 9.6 lbs to 15.5 lbs each, but don’t let that fool you! The TRAVERSE Portable Storage Ramp is sturdy enough to handle your lawnmower with ease. 

Why Trust EZ-ACCESS Shed Ramps?

Accessing sheds and portable storage units doesn’t have to be a hassle. When you’re looking to get through a day of work, you deserve any equipment that makes the day as efficient and stress-free as possible. Our metal shed ramps are designed with the highest-quality aluminum that is superior to other materials. While wood ramps are susceptible to rot and decay, aluminum remains resistant to corrosion, even when consistently exposed to rain. The lightweight material makes it simple to transport the ramps, which arrive ready to go without any construction required. Our surfaces have built-in traction to prevent slipping, keeping you safe even on a damp day. Each of our products is made in American facilities, where it goes through rigorous design and quality assurance to ensure it can withstand the hard work you do each day. When you partner with EZ-ACCESS for any of your ramp needs, you’re getting American-made products and American-based customer service.

It’s time to take the easy road when it comes to working from your shed. Simply choose which of our shed access products will suit your needs best and then place your order. Within a few days, it’ll be shipped from our US-based facilities and headed to your doorstep. Not entirely sure which option to pick? That’s where our Customer Service team excels: helping you select the option that’s right for you. Get the ultimate access solution for your shed and save your energy for the real work ahead.

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