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What's Better for My Pet? A Dog Ramp or Dog Stairs?

Pets are part of the family, and we do everything we can to make their lives better. For those furry friends that are smaller or older, owners may notice them having difficulty climbing into vehicles or onto elevated surfaces. Pets might also have trouble with the stairs on a porch or deck. Lifting and carrying them onto those spaces is not always possible or easy, especially if you face mobility differences of your own. If it’s a larger, heavier animal, picking them up is difficult and could lead to injury. EZ-ACCESS® recently debuted our Portable Pet Ramp as a seamless way to help your four-legged friends have the accessibility they deserve. We’ll explore the benefits of these ramps and compare them to pet stairs.

The Benefits of Pet Ramps

Pet ramps help bridge heights that your animal companion may find troublesome. By creating a smooth transition between the ground and the target, it’s easier for them to make it between spots without help. There are several reasons having a pet ramp is a great idea: 

  • Allows Animal Independence: Once placed, the animal will be able to access and use the ramp at will. Consider if you’ve taken a trip to someone’s house and want the dog to be able to go up or down the porch stairs throughout the day. Each time you let them out, they’re able to make it on and off the deck to answer nature’s call without your help. If you have a pet that roams freely, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can leave the ramp in place so they can come and go as they please. 
  • Eliminates Lifting: Loading a big dog into the back of a vehicle is a workout, and not everyone is able to do so. Bending over or picking up an animal repeatedly can be taxing, especially if you have a large breed. Pet ramps are quick to deploy and eliminate the heavy lifting, saving your energy for other things. 
  • Improves Safety: Even if you’re able to lift your pet, pet ramps reduce potential injuries to you both. Getting a big dog off the ground could be a strain on your body, and the pet ramp keeps that from being a problem. Ramps also reduce the potential injuries that result from jumps, especially for older pets or those with mobility issues. 
  • Portable and Temporary: A dog ramp is typically portable, allowing you to use it when and where it’s needed. As a temporary fixture, it is easy to remove or reposition when traveling, or if the ramp is only required for a short time, like when a pet is healing from surgery. It can be reused in different environments and at different times, making it a great investment over the long term.

Uses for Pet Ramps 

There are many scenarios and locations where pet ramps come in handy: 

  • Dog Ramps for Cars: Vehicles have a significant distance from the ground that a dog or other pet has to jump. Whether getting in or out, that height can be hard to maneuver if your pet is older, injured, or just not great at jumping. Pet ramps create a safe passage for the animal without you having to pick them up. 
  • Dog Ramp for Stairs: Most homes have a handful of stairs to get in or out. Whether that’s at a front door or back deck, chances are your dog will need to get up and down them several times a day. A pet ramp can turn those steps into a single surface that is easier to navigate and less stressful on their bodies. Bathroom breaks and backyard time are easy and effortless when the obstacle of stairs is eliminated. Portable ramps are ideal for use at any time, whether it be as a pet gets older or for a brief period while they recover from a procedure or injury.
  • Traveling With Your Pet: Your dog is part of the family, and where you go, they go! That includes trips to see friends or family. Whether it’s a day trip or a week, a portable pet ramp is great to bring along. Getting in and out at rest stops or up and down the steps at Grandma’s house is a lot easier with a ramp.

Pet Ramp vs. Pet Stairs 

When considering a ramp for dogs or other pets, you may wonder whether stairs make more sense. Both options are viable, but your particular situation may sway you one way or the other.

Ramps are typically easier for a pet to negotiate due to the gentle grade and smooth surface. Because a ramp doesn’t have a drastic height change with each step forward like stairs do, it will be less work on the pet’s body. For animals that are older, have an injury, or have a mobility difference, stairs can be just as difficult as trying to jump. Ramps are also typically more portable, especially since the EZ-ACCESS ones fold up when not in use. Most pet stairs cannot be condensed or collapsed and take up space, limiting portability. Pet stairs are also a fixed height and size, whereas a ramp is more adaptable. The same ramp can be used to span the height between the ground and a truck bed as well as across your front steps, depending on the size. As our ramps are made of aluminum, they’re significantly easier to clean, which comes in handy when pets track in mud or if they mark territory.

Both approaches have their uses, so it’s important to consider the environment and usage prior to selecting.

All About the EZ-ACCESS Portable Pet Ramp

EZ-ACCESS saw the need in the market to provide pets the accessibility they needed and reduce the burden on their humans. We designed and developed the Portable Pet Ramp to make life easier for owners and animals alike! The ramp is available in two lengths of either 6’ or 8’ to fit your needs, weighing in at just 21.2 and 26.6 pounds, respectively. The applied soft-traction tread provides slip resistance and comes in pet-friendly colors that will help them see the path ahead. Both the yellow and blue tread options will allow your pet to easily see the contrast on the surface, keeping them safely centered. We also wanted to be certain the ramp remained stable while in use and included a rubber-backed top lip to prevent the ramp from sliding. The main structure of the ramp is made from aluminum, which is extremely durable and capable of handling pets up to 150 lbs. The material is resistant to wearing and corrosion, giving it a long lifespan.

The aluminum build also makes the ramp easy to clean when your pet tracks in the outdoors with them. Whatever transfers from their paws to the surface can quickly be washed with simple soap and water. When you’re ready to move the ramp elsewhere or store it, the surface folds in two and becomes half the length. Transporting the ramp is simple thanks to its shorter length and lightweight aluminum material. The comfort grip handles make the Portable Pet Ramp easy to transport when folded and help keep the ends secured so the ramp doesn’t unfold while you’re carrying it. Looking for a more permanent pet ramp? Ours has the flexibility to be a long-term structure on your property. Knowing that some pets need a ramp long-term, EZ-ACCESS included the option to make the ramp a permanent fixture with pre-drilled holes in the top lip where you can secure it to the surface using clevis pins or screws. Simply place the ramp where you need it and use the fixture to secure it for your long-term needs. If it needs to be moved or is no longer needed, undo the clevis pin or screws to make it transportable once more.

Help Give Your Pet Greater Access

Life is better with accessibility, and that goes for our pets, too! Having a pet ramp improves mobility and safety for both you and your furry friend, whether it’s needed temporarily or long-term. EZ-ACCESS designed this portable pet ramp to deploy easily, be pet-friendly, and make life easier for all. We wanted to give the pets we love a chance at easier mobility while also improving the lives of owners. Get the perfect solution for your pet’s mobility with the Portable Pet Ramp from EZ-ACCESS.

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