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What types of accessibility solutions does EZ-ACCESS offer?

EZ-ACCESS provides a variety of accessibility solutions, including ramps, lifts, and accessories for residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational purposes.

How can I determine the appropriate length for the ramp I need? 

EZ-ACCESS offers an Incline Calculator Tool to help you determine the appropriate ramp length based on your rise and slope requirements.

Can EZ-ACCESS provide custom accessibility solutions?

Yes, EZ-ACCESS offers custom solutions to meet specific accessibility needs beyond their standard product offerings. Contact our Customer Service team to get started on your custom project today!

How long has EZ-ACCESS been in business? 

EZ-ACCESS has been providing accessibility solutions since 1984.

How can I contact EZ-ACCESS for product inquiries or support?

You can reach out to our EZ-ACCESS Customer Service team via email at customerrequest@ezaccess.com or by calling (888) 679-2720