Accessibility Products for Your Home

For 40 years, EZ-ACCESS has remained dedicated to offering high-quality, adaptable solutions that enrich lives by providing access to life beyond barriers.

From portable and door threshold ramps to modular access systems with ramps, platforms, and stairs, we are here to help make your home and your life safer and easier to navigate. With our depth of experience, industry-leading heritage, and superior product selection, we are your trusted source to provide the information and options needed to make the right choice, right away.

owners of a new ramp


For those aiming to enhance safety and accessibility with and around their homes, EZ-ACCESS provides a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to various needs. Whether it's aging in place, recovering from surgery, addressing mobility limitations, or rectifying areas prone to accidents, EZ-ACCESS has you covered.

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Lawn & Garden

We provide versatile ramp solutions tailored for Lawn & Garden enthusiasts, ensuring easy and safe access across landscaping features, garden paths, and outdoor spaces. Our durable and adaptable ramps are designed to enhance outdoor accessibility, making garden maintenance and outdoor enjoyment more manageable for everyone.

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COMPANION™ Portable Pet Ramp - EZ-ACCESS


EZ-ACCESS offers specially designed ramps and stairs for pets, ensuring your furry friends can easily navigate in and around your home. These ramps provide a safe and comfortable way for pets to access vehicles, beds, and furniture, preventing strain on their joints and making mobility easier for pets of all sizes and ages.

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