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Aluminum Platform Decking

If you look around you, you’ll see platforms and decks just about everywhere: adorning a house, forming a walkway between two buildings, or supporting some machinery.

Instead of using timber or concrete for the deck, you could have the option to choose the light, durable, and convenient material, aluminum. You just need to make sure the capabilities of aluminum platform decking meet your project’s requirements.

What Are the Benefits of Aluminum Platform Decking?

Aluminum decking is more durable and less easily damaged than wood and plastic, which are the most popular materials used for decking. It is not susceptible to changes in weather, it is heavy duty, and it can’t be eaten by pests, or chewed through by larger animals. This means it lasts and doesn’t need constant maintenance, repairs, etc. Aluminum is also lighter than other metals, like iron or steel, which means an aluminum deck does not need such a heavy support structure.

Aluminum Is Not Affected by Changes in Weather

One of the advantages of aluminum platform decking is that it’s not susceptible to the weather. If it rains, the water will simply run off your deck via a draining channel. If it is in direct sunlight, the heat will not damage it. Properly treated aluminum that is used for decking in the first place will conduct less heat and will be more comfortable. 

Alternatively, you can easily make sure the deck is shielded from the direct sun by a cover, or put out some mats during the hottest days, which will protect your feet from burning. 

Another advantage is that aluminum can’t expand or contract with extremes in weather, so it won’t change its shape at all.

If wooden decking isn’t maintained correctly, it can be damaged by changes in weather: alternating swelling with water and drying out can crack or even rot the wood. Depending on how they are treated and maintained, plastic decks can also be damaged by long exposure to very hot direct sun.

Aluminum Needs Very Little Maintenance

Maintaining an aluminum deck is simple and straightforward. You may need to sweep leaves or other vegetation that may drop from trees, or shovel snow accumulation. It’ll be necessary to spray down the deck clean if it is really getting grubby, but that’s as simple as hosing it down. 

Wooden decking doesn’t only need to be cleaned, it must also be sanded, painted, and even sealed regularly. A tiled deck will need more, and thorough, cleaning than aluminum will. 

Aluminum Doesn’t Get Damaged Easily

Its hardiness is one of the important advantages of aluminum decking. The metal is not immune to scratches, but tends to be damaged less easily and less dramatically than wooden or plastic surfaces. 

Pests Can’t Damage Aluminum

Aluminum can’t be attacked by pests, such as ants boring into it and eating away at it. These insects can cause such damage to a wooden deck that it can weaken and even break or collapse. Aluminum isn’t a natural element and is a metal that can’t be eaten by insects or any other pests. This means that it is durable and can’t be harmed by creatures.

Aluminum Decking Is Eco-Friendly

Installing a deck using aluminum platform decking means you’ll have less of an effect on the environment. Wooden decks contribute to the denudation of natural resources. Because aluminum decking is made as a composite including some recycled material, it narrows the environmental footprint. Then, aluminum itself is recyclable, so any part of your decking can be reused if you replace it. 

Aluminum Decking Can Be Even More Beneficial if It’s Modularized

One of the greatest advantages of aluminum platform decking is that it is available in modular sections and components, which can be manipulated and installed quite easily. This means it is less labor intensive and less expensive in the long run. This is particularly true when it comes to installing aluminum decking available from EZ-ACCESS. Check out how our aluminum platforms can be put together to create a deck that fits any space and can be used for just about any purpose. 

Go for Modularized Aluminum Decking for Easy Access

If you are looking for the best solution to build a deck that is durable, lightweight, and accessible, and which can be made to fit your space, EZ-ACCESS can provide what you’re looking for.

EZ-ACCESS offers solutions and ideas to make residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational spaces and places accessible to all. Visit for the best ideas and service.

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