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Why Toilet Incline Lifts are Useful

Toilet incline lifts were developed for residential bathrooms to support those moving to or from a sitting position who may otherwise struggle due to age, a disability, or an injury resulting in reduced mobility. Those with chronic back pain can also benefit from toilet incline lifts with sitting and standing motions.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a toilet incline lift can offer serious benefits, keep reading!

Toilet Incline Lift Benefits for Individuals with Decreased Mobility

Several ways on how a toilet incline lift can help certain individuals, including:

Complete Control

One of the top ways how a toilet incline lift can help is the user has complete control over the lift. Using a handheld remote, the unit can be stopped at any position. This allows for easy sitting and standing while maintaining comfort while seated. It also allows for dignified, independent bathroom use. This is critical for those wanting to maintain privacy.

Easy Maintenance

Patients want a toilet incline that is easy to clean and sanitize without excessive or intensive work. Since toilet lifts can be tilted at an angle toward the user, cleaning is much easier and can be performed after simply removing a plastic shield.

Excellent Stability

For those having difficulty sitting and standing, toilet incline lifts provide excellent stability due to the secure attachment to the commode. The lift raises and lowers at a comfortable speed so that users remain stable and secure throughout the process. Since most units align the user’s shoulders over their feet, they are given optimal positioning and balance when they stand or sit.

Simple Installation

One of the best ways a toilet incline lift can help patients is the easy installation. While the lift may appear challenging to install, these units were created according to standard toilet dimensions, so they fit directly over the bowl and can be installed in as little as 15 minutes. 

Power Flexibility

Toilet incline lifts can be ordered in corded power or with battery power for those who do not have access to a nearby outlet. Running an extension cord from the bathroom to another room or across the bathroom can be unsightly and a safety hazard. Most battery-powered toilet lifts, such as the TILT® Toilet Incline Lift from EZ-ACCESS, feature a rechargeable battery for convenience.

Robust Ergonomics

Side handles were engineered at an ideal angle to ensure the user’s elbows are slightly bent, which delivers maximum strength positioning and superior ergonomics. Also, lower profile designs provide safe lateral and slide-board transfers, meaning the arms go lower than the seat when in the down position. This improves comfort and ergonomics during use.

How a Toilet Incline Lift Operates

As the name suggests, a toilet incline lift aids the individual on and off the toilet, thus providing them with the dignity, independence, and privacy they deserve. The unit combines a lift chair and a durable commode that gently lowers and lifts users on and off the toilet in under 20 seconds. These units are designed to move to natural human body movements to provide safety and stability during use. In addition, this easy-to-use solution adds safety measures to those with mobility problems in a room where so many accidents can occur.

Individuals control the toilet lift with a remote, which lowers and raises the seat, making this an ideal solution for both caregivers and individuals. Most units are available in wired or battery-powered models. The latter option is excellent for those without a nearby outlet, and during a power outage, so it is a popular choice.

Who Benefits Most from Toilet Incline Lifts

Most toilet incline lifts are found in the homes of disabled or elderly individuals. If the residents have mobility issues, they will benefit from this type of lifting device. Transferring from sitting to standing or vice versa tends to become more difficult as we age. Joint pain tends to get progressively worse and bone strength diminishes over time. Also, degenerative diseases can make everyday activities like simply going to the bathroom a massive challenge. This is where a toilet incline lift steps in to help the individual maintain daily activities while adding an elevated level of safety and stability to their routine.

If you’re interested in learning more about a toilet incline lift for your home or have a friend or relative who will benefit from such a device, contact EZ-ACCESS today! Their team will find the best model, features, and overall mobility improvement solution to meet your needs and budget!

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