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Curb and Threshold Ramps

Curbs and elevated thresholds can cause quite a disturbance in business operations. However, ramps can solve most of the issues that these obstacles cause. The following are some of the benefits that come with installing curb and threshold ramps, as well as some pieces of information on how to install them.

What Are the Curb and Threshold Ramp Benefits?

Having a curb and threshold ramp installed on your property is an investment that can do many positive things for your business. These are some of the benefits that such ramps can provide you:

Smoother Transition of Equipment

With a curb or threshold ramp in place, the movement of essential equipment can be made much easier. You'll be able to transport tool carts, wheeled crates, dollies, hand trucks, etc. across elevated surfaces, uneven ground, and into areas that wouldn't be reachable otherwise. 

Decrease Accidents and Mishaps

Because these vital pieces of equipment create a sloped surface, they have the potential to reduce accidents and incidents from tripping, misstepping, slipping, and falling. With a good curb or threshold ramp in place, you can push your carts up and down the ramp with ease and won't have to be as concerned with precariously navigating over a curb or raised threshold. Safety is important. Thus, you'll be improving your life and the lives of employees, customers, and visitors by investing in a ramp.

Easy To Transport and Stow

These ramps are very easy to transport and stow away when not in use. They have a simplified and quick setup process and can help you when you need it the most. All you need to do is simply follow the easy-to-understand instructions to get your ramp set up for use. You'll be glad you purchased one when you see how convenient it is to use and how easy it is to install.

How To Install Curb and Threshold Ramps

Now we'll discuss how to install curb and threshold ramps. Here's what you need to do to properly install a curb or threshold ramp:

1. Measure the Height of the Curb or Threshold

The first thing to do when installing a curb or threshold ramp is to measure the height of the curb or threshold. Next, you'll need to measure the items that you want to carry across the ramp to ensure the ramp you order is wide enough to accommodate it while leaving some additional space. Once you know the dimensions, you can move on to the next step.

2. Order the Product With the Appropriate Height

Now that you have your ramp measurements, you can move on to selecting and ordering the ramp that you need for your location. EZ-ACCESS offers an extensive line of ramps in a variety of sizes and shapes. If you have any questions regarding the type of ramp that will suit your need, feel free to contact a knowledgeable EZ-ACCESS customer service specialist by telephone, live chat, or email.

This person will speak with you about your purchasing options after you explain the dimensions and the intention you have for using the ramps. They have many products for you to choose from and may even have a customized solution available if that is what your need requires. Therefore, you shouldn't hesitate to reach out and ask about your options.

3. Put the Ramp Down in Its Proper Place

Once the ramp arrives, you'll first need to clean the area surrounding the spot where the ramp will be placed. Make sure it's in an ideal spot and well-aligned for when you need to use it. Then, put the ramp in its proper place by the curb or threshold and anchor it down if that’s what it requires (see product instructions to determine if anchoring is necessary), and it’s ready for use!

4. Use the Ramp as Needed

Once you set your ramp up the way it needs to be set up, you can use it. You can have full confidence in its stability and its ability to make navigating curbs and elevated thresholds much safer and easier.

The final step is to enjoy the benefits you receive from having a specialized ramp where you need it. You'll experience how much simpler it is to transport items with the help of a ramp. Contact EZ-ACCESS to start the ordering process. Sales specialists are waiting to assist you.

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