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Solid Surface Portable Ramp Features

Adding a ramp to your home or property is an effective way to accommodate family members or visitors. Ramps are excellent tools for helping someone to access the home with a wheelchair, walker, scooter, or other type of mobility device.

A solid surface ramp is a product that has even more fantastic features than traditional ramps. The following are some of the benefits you'll get if you decide to order a solid surface ramp.

Different Features of Solid Surface Portable Ramps

The different features of solid surface portable ramp products are extensive. However, these are some of the most desired and the ones you might find most beneficial when you search for a ramp for your home or the home of a loved one:

High Weight Capacity

The solid surface ramps have a high weight capacity, making it easy for users to transport heavy equipment such as their powerchair to and from the home as frequently as they need. Each model has the capacity to handle at least 1,000 pounds in weight. That means most people will be just fine traversing the ramps with their wheelchairs, scooters, equipment, and caregiver.  

Maintenance-free Aluminum

Consumers enjoy products they don't have to put that much effort into cleaning. The EZ-ACCESS solid surface ramps provide a virtually maintenance-free option. The manufacturers use lightweight aluminum to construct the solid surface ramps, making them resistant to rust and rot, unlike other similar products made of wood or steel.

Slip Resistance

These items also have a built-in slip-resistant tread, making them incredibly safe. The surface they have to help prevent slipping is permanent and will last for the duration of the product's use.

Manufactured in the United States

If you're an advocate for US-manufactured items, you'll love ordering one of these products. They are all made in the United States of America. Thus, you can support American workers and companies by investing in one.

Additionally, you'll receive a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. A stamp of trust that this is truly a quality product. 

Self-adjusting Plate

The self-adjusting transition plate located at the bottom of the ramp is a desired feature of ramps like these as it allows for a smooth transition from ramp to ground and vice versa. The ground plate will rise and fall according to the ground and items crossing it, and it will adjust so that users can have seamless movement when entering and exiting the ramp.

Flexible Options

You'll have a multitude of options from which you can choose your desired model. For example, you can choose a model that only has a ramp, or you can choose an option that also gives you handrails. Your choice will depend on the way you will use the ramp and the people you choose to accommodate with the ramp.

You can also choose from a variety of ramp lengths to ensure it will accommodate the rise of the porch, entrance, step, or elevated area that you need access to. A product specialist can chat with you about your specific needs and help you choose the perfect model.

Lightweight and Easy to Transport

These items have a high weight capacity and durable construction, yet they are not extremely heavy. The heaviest option is 106 pounds, and the lightest model is only 44 pounds. Therefore, their reasonable weight makes them easy to transport when you need to.

How Do Solid Surface Portable Ramps Work?

Solid surface portable ramps work well, and their usage is quite simple. There are no complex parts or difficult assemblies involved with these products. All you'll need to do is follow the simple step-by-step instructions that are included with the product, and you’ll be set.

After using it, you can leave it in place as it’ll be just fine out in the elements, or you can store it in a garage when you're done. That's all there is to operating a ramp, and that's why these items remain so desirable to consumers.

Now you're aware of the many different features of solid surface portable ramp options. The above-mentioned benefits are only a few of many great things that come with having a ramp on hand. You can contact EZ-ACCESS for information about their large selection of ramps as you may find that you need something a little different than a solid surface ramp. The company has been producing helpful products for almost 40 years and has items you can trust.

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