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How Do You Walk a Motorcycle Up a Ramp

Transporting a motorcycle sometimes requires loading it into a trailer or truck bed, especially if you’re moving states or taking it with you on a trip. Most motorcycles weigh several hundred pounds, making it nearly impossible to lift them on your own. Getting your bike loaded solo requires equipment that allows easy and safe movements. The EZ-ACCESS® TRAVERSE™ Folding Motorcycle Ramp is the portable solution to your motorcycle loading needs, and we’ll teach you exactly how to use it.

Benefits of a Folding Motorcycle Ramp

There are several reasons to invest in a folding motorcycle ramp. One primary benefit is the ability to load and unload your bike on your own while protecting yourself from injury. The ramp creates a stable surface to walk the bike up without needing a second person to help lift or maneuver it. Whether you’re heading somewhere solo or don’t want to place strain on others from lifting, portable motorcycle loading ramps make it easy to move your bike wherever you need. Portable ramps can be set up in moments and take up minimal space when stowed in the vehicle.

How to Use a Ramp for a Motorcycle

Using the TRAVERSE Folding Motorcycle Ramp is straightforward: unfold the ramp and place it with the transition on the higher surface, typically a trailer or truck. It’s recommended to attach the optional Top Lip Extension (TLE) for added security. The TLE can then be secured with a carriage bolt for increased stability when using the ramp. With the ramp in position, you can hold the bike securely and walk it up or down the incline. It’s important to note that many people have two ramps—one for the bike and one to walk on by themselves as they roll the motorcycle to its destination. Even with two ramps, the required storage space and time to set up is next to nothing! When you’re done and the motorcycle is secured, the ramp can be quickly removed and folded, with carrying handles that double as a way to keep it from opening during transport. It’s the optimal loading solution for motorcycles weighing 500 pounds or less.

Why Choose Motorcycle Ramps From EZ-ACCESS

EZ-ACCESS is an American company that prioritizes high-quality manufacturing to guarantee the longevity of our products. When you invest in a ramp or other access solution, it’s one that you will use for years to come. The durable and reliable aluminum we use for our TRAVERSE Folding Motorcycle Ramp is resistant to corrosion while also being lightweight for portability. It comes in two different lengths to suit your needs, and our Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) Loading Ramp Calculator will help guide you in selecting the right one. After selecting the ideal ramp length for loading your motorcycle, it can be delivered to you within 1-3 days. 

Pack up your motorcycle and hit the road for an amazing summer adventure. Get your TRAVERSE Folding Motorcycle Ramp and explore the world the way it’s meant to be done: on two wheels!

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