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Planning for Accessible Travel - EZ-ACCESS

Planning for Accessible Travel

Travel continues to be a growing industry—people are driven to see and experience other parts of the world for themselves. For those with mobility differences, including anyone using a device such as a wheelchair or walker, travel has additional layers of planning. Not every destination will be fully accessible, and the path there may have barriers as well. We’ll discuss travel accessibility considerations and some recent improvements in accessibility that make visiting or vacationing easier.
Celebrating Mobility Awareness Month 2024 - EZ-ACCESS

Celebrating Mobility Awareness Month 2024

May marks Mobility Awareness Month, a time dedicated to raising awareness about mobility differences and advocating for accessibility in our communities. At EZ-ACCESS®, we believe in the power of accessibility to transform lives and promote inclusivity. We're committed to supporting this important cause and will help shine a light on what a mobility disability entails, why mobility awareness matters, and how businesses can prioritize accessibility in their spaces.