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TRAVERSE™ Curb Plate Buying Guide

Curbs can pose a real challenge when it comes to easily moving dollies, carts, or pallet jacks over landings. This can lead to injury -- if someone tries to lift it -- or a broken product -- if the cart tips over. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem and it's both easy and efficient to use.  

TRAVERSE™ Multi-purpose Curb Plate Buying Guide

The TRAVERSE multi-purpose curb plate is an easy-to-use functional plate that is capable of being set up on landings and curbs up to 5.75" high. This can allow you to easily move carts, dollies, and pallet jacks over high curbs that otherwise would have presented a challenge.

This curb plate requires no assembly and has no parts or pieces that can be easily lost. All you need to do is set it up and put it where you need it! Its textured surface and curb stops to keep the plate in place are essential safety features that are built into this product. This curb plate can also conveniently fit in your van or truck, making it easy to take with you wherever you go.

This multi-purpose curb plate is great for many different industries, including retail, restaurants, construction, and delivery. Whether you're moving things to and from your business location or delivering goods to homes, this curb plate is something that can benefit you immensely.

Without a curb plate to use, you may end up having to take a long way around to access a location, if there is even a way to avoid the curb at all. This can cost you valuable time that could otherwise have been saved. Similarly, if you're moving a heavy load on a dolly, jack, or cart and get hung up on a curb, you may end up damaging products by trying to get them over the curb. Having a cart full of fragile products tipping over is never a productive way to start the day.

You may also end up injuring yourself by trying to lift a heavy cart over the curb. This can lead to back strain or pulled muscles that may put you out of commission for a while. Curb plates let you avoid these risks by giving you an easy way to get up over any curb anywhere.  

Where I can buy TRAVERSE Curb Plates?

TRAVERSE Curb Plates are available for easy purchase through EZ-ACCESS’ Authorized Online Retailers, along with a wide array of additional equipment that can help make transporting goods and equipment for your business or home easy and more accessible.

What Other Equipment Can My Business Benefit From?

Now that you've read our TRAVERSE multi-purpose curb plate buying guide above, you may want to consider some additional equipment to help make your business even more efficient.

Along with curb plates, portable folding ramps can be easily stored in vehicles and used to quickly load and unload items on dollies or carts. These are great for trucks and vans, and can often be essential if you're loading and unloading heavier items or cumbersome equipment.

Angled entry mats can also make entering buildings with carts and dollies easier, especially if the doorway has a raised lip that is hard to get over. Similar to covering curbs, these mats can make transport easier and they can be either stationary at your location or moved between locations when needed.

Simple pieces of equipment like this can make a lot of difference to the way you conduct business, and they can save you a lot of time throughout the day.

If you run a central business location that is accessible to the public, you may also even consider investing in some of the other ramp options offered by EZ-ACCESS to help make your location more accessible to customers with limited mobility. Ramps and angled entry mats can not only benefit you for loading and unloading, but they can benefit your customers who use mobility aids as well.

A Necessity For Your Business

From TRAVERSE curb plates to portable loading ramps and angled entry mats, there is no shortage of creative solutions when it comes to making access easier. If your business utilizes dollies, carts, or pallet jacks to load and unload merchandise, consider how a curb plate or entry mat can benefit you. You may also wish to consider how installing a general entry ramp could make your location ADA compliant and more accessible to people with limited mobility. Check out the selection provided by EZ-ACCESS and contact their staff today for more information about how these products can help you.

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