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How Portable Loading Ramps Help Movers and Packers

A loading ramp is a piece of equipment used to load or offload cargo from a truck or container. Loading ramps are helpful for moving large items from a truck bed or trailer to the ground and vice versa. Some portable ramps come with wheels for easy relocation, but others are light enough to be picked up and moved by hand. At EZ-ACCESS, our portable loading ramps are designed to serve a variety of functions, and packers and movers are benefiting a lot. Our durable, all-aluminum portable ramps can even be used to load recreational vehicles and make commercial deliveries. Let's look at the portable loading ramp options and their benefits in the commercial world.

Portable loading ramps and their benefits

Although loading ramps come in different shapes and sizes, portable ramps are a preference for many. For movers and packers, these are life-saving pieces of equipment that make their work easier, thus increasing productivity. Below are the benefits of portable loading ramps enjoyed by movers and packers.

Making work easier

In the past, movers and packers had to make temporary wooden ramps to allow easy access into and out of their trucks. Although these would work, it's nothing compared to the portable aluminum ramps we have today. Unfortunately, wood is not as strong as aluminum and is prone to breaking. With aluminum ramps, packers and movers can confidently move up and down the ramp without fear of it cracking or breaking under its rated load.

Provide better grip and safety

No one wants to be sliding off the ramp surface when moving heavy stuff. These portable ramps are designed to provide extra grip to users even during harsh weather, thanks to their built-in, raised-rib tread. When the ground is wet, movers and packers can still navigate using ramps without fear of falling.

Save time

Time is of the essence in any commercial activity. For movers and packers, getting the job done within no time is their desire. In contrast to other unloading techniques, movers prefer the pace provided by a loading ramp. A portable ramp offers several points of entry to the rear cargo area for a moving team. For instance, when offloading, additional crew members can reach packages on either side as one of them navigates a hand truck or dolly down the ramp with other items. This system greatly increases the pace of movement and productivity.

Save money

Portable loading ramps need little maintenance in comparison to lift gate and pull-out ramps. Pump motors, solenoids, and wiring in hydraulic lift gates may cause electrical problems. Liftgate problems include leaking hydraulics and depleted batteries. On the other side, Pull-out ramps have their own set of challenges, the most popular of which are broken pull handles and worn-out slide mechanisms, and all these require resources to fix.

Portable ramps help movers and packers save money as they only have to incur the cost of procurement which is much less compared to permanent ramps. These easy to install and use pieces of equipment also don't need large storage space. In fact, you can get some such as the TRAVERSE™ Singlefold Ramp that can be folded in half as needed.

Offer convenience

Compared to heavy-duty ramps, portable ramps can be moved from one place to another as needed. Movers who use heavy-duty ramps have no luxury of moving the ramp if they encounter an area needing a ramp. With a portable ramp, movers and packers can easily move the ramp to the exact location necessary. Some portable ramps, such as The TRAVERSE™ Curb Plate, have built-in handles to enable even easier transport and carrying.

Prevent losses due to damage

Lifting can be risky sometimes when dealing with delicate cargo. Although professional movers are trained to handle your property with care, accidents can happen, and in many cases, they are due to slips and falls. One way to minimize this is by ensuring a smooth ride from the building into the truck or vice versa without the need for heavy lifting along the way. This can be perfectly achieved by ramps placed strategically on raised areas and using dollies to help navigate.

Now that you know how portable ramps can help in your profession, do not continue using the conventional methods. Portable ramps come in different sizes and designs, and you will definitely find what fits your moving or packing needs. For more information about portable ramps, contact EZ-ACCESS today.

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