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Camping Equipment for a Person With Limited Mobility

How You Can Enjoy Camping with Limited Mobility: The Equipment You Need

Limited mobility doesn’t have to keep you from enjoying the great outdoors, and there are many camping essentials for those with special needs that can help make it easier. If you or someone you know wants to get outdoors this summer but worry about being able to do so due to their lack of mobility, here is what you need to know.

Check Your Facilities

Along with the special needs camping equipment, it’s important to take a look at the facilities you’ll be staying at and see if they will be adequate for someone with limited mobility. For instance, if you’re using an RV you’ll need to know if it’s navigable by someone in a wheelchair or with other mobility assistance equipment. Similarly, can a portable ramp or lift be easily added? If you’re planning on tent camping, consider if the tent is accessible. For instance, if the entry isn’t large enough, getting into it may be difficult at best or impossible at worst. Adding a cot, as opposed to a sleeping bag, can make getting into and out of bed easier.

The campsite should also be taken into account as unpaved areas may make it difficult for unpowered wheelchairs to navigate without help. Speak with the staff at a few different campsites to see what options they offer when it comes to accessibility so that you can be sure to pick the one that works best for you.

Mobility Devices for Outdoor Camping

For those living with mobility limitations, it’s important to have the right devices and equipment on hand to ensure that camping is made easier. For instance, portable ramps can help wheelchair users get in and out of cabins and campers that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. This means that you won’t have to worry about running into limitations that otherwise would have prevented you from taking part in specific camping activities. Ramps like this are a key bit of special needs camping equipment that everyone with limited mobility should consider.

Wheelchair totes, pouches, and packs can also make the camping experience easier as you can keep the things you need close at hand without worrying about having to keep a bag on your lap. Additionally, if you use oxygen, investing in a secure oxygen carrier is a must. Not only will it ensure that you have access to oxygen when you need it, but you won’t have to worry about being stationary while using your tank.

If you’re planning on using an RV for your camping, a toilet incline lift can also make using the facilities while camping much easier. Capable of being installed in only 15 minutes, this is a must-have for campers with limited mobility. It even has battery-powered operation if corded isn’t possible.

If you’re using a powered wheelchair, it’s also important to ensure that you have a couple of backup batteries to ensure you won’t run out of power. If your campsite has access to electricity this may not be an issue; however, it’s still important to bring a spare or two just in case. 

Planning Your Camping Trip

Once you have the special needs camping equipment you need, it’s time to start planning the bulk of your camping trip. If you’re planning on visiting specific sites in the area, see if handrails or ramps exist to make the experience easier.

If you are camping with the plan of using shared washroom facilities, it’s important to consider beforehand if the bathrooms will be accessible as well. Make sure there is enough room for two people in case assistance is needed. You should also consider the bathing situation whether using an RV shower or a shared one. If standing isn’t an option, you can consider an inflatable body washing basin to help stay clean while on your trip. If you’re not planning on a long trip, baby wipes can also work to help keep you feeling clean without too much effort.

Enjoying Your Trip

Camping with limited mobility doesn’t have to be difficult. Be sure to plan ahead and invest in what you need to make the experience easy. With a bit of planning and the right special needs camping equipment you can enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about having to sit on the sidelines.

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