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Singlefold Edgeless Ramp Buying Guide

Owning a wheelchair ramp can surely make life easier for those with limited mobility. However, that’s not the only type of ramp out there! A multi-purpose singlefold edgeless ramp is one of the most versatile products on the market. Owning a ramp like this that is built for recreational use can help you get heavy objects, equipment, and your precious cargo into trucks, trailers, homes, sheds, or workplaces without putting undue stress on you. You can also use this ramp for many other purposes. The following text discusses the best singlefold edgeless ramp and why it might be a perfect addition for you:

What is a Singlefold Edgeless Ramp?

The name of the singlefold edgeless ramp explains it in a nutshell. It's a sturdy ramp that you can fold once, grab the handles, and transport it to where you need to use it. The product comes without raised edges on the sides to increase its versatility. It's designed with utility in mind, and its purpose is to make your loading and unloading efforts less taxing. 

Why Buy an Edgeless Ramp?

A multi-purpose singlefold edgeless ramp can accommodate just about any piece of equipment or machinery you need to get up or down steps or another type of incline. These are some of the most common uses for such equipment:

Transporting Large Lawnmowers

This product is excellent for getting your riding lawn mower into a truck quickly. It's the perfect companion if you operate a lawn mowing business.

Wheelbarrow Movement

The ramp can assist you if you need to get a wheelbarrow full of items up or down steps for gardening or other yard work.

Moving Activities

This ramp can make your next move much easier, as you can load or unload heavy items you need to move with a dolly. The ramp will give your dolly an incline to make the transition almost effortless.

Loading Motorized Vehicles

The multi-purpose singlefold edgeless ramp can even help you load your ATV, dirtbike, motorcycle, scooter, or moped. The ramp will allow you to easily load and unload your precious cargo from the back of your pickup or trailer.

Loading Equipment

You can load or unload an array of equipment that you use both around your home and on a jobsite. This ramp is great to alway have on hand to help lighten the load. 

Features That Make EZ-ACCESS’ TRAVERSE™ Singlefold Edgeless Ramp #1

The TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramp comes packed with many features, and you can choose from several sizes, depending on what you need to transport and where. Additionally, you can store the item in a shed or the back of your truck as it folds into a space-saving piece of essential equipment. The ramp is available in two-, four-, six-, or eight-foot lengths to accommodate the height of the area you are loading into and unloading out of. 

The point of the edgeless design of the ramp is to give you more room for items that have wider wheel bases or that have little clearance. This feature and the fact that the ramp can separate into two pieces may just be its ticket into your cart. This allows an incredible amount of flexibility when it comes to the placement of the ramp and the type of equipment that it can accommodate. 

All models have a single-folding mechanism with an easy-grip ergonomic handle for carrying. Furthermore, the ramp has a slip-resistant surface so that you and your items are secure while on the ramp until you reach your destination.

You have four options to choose from if you decide to purchase a TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramp. All models are 31 inches wide when unfolded and 15.5 inches when folded. Their weights, lengths, and load capacities vary, however. The SFEL02 model has a rated load capacity of 1,600 pounds, and the SFEL04 model has a rating of 1,400 pounds. Models SFEL06 and SFEL08 have 1,200 and 1,000-pound capacities, respectively.

All the models are relatively light to carry, with the SFEL02 model having the lightest weight of 13.20 pounds. It's a sheer breeze to carry wherever you need to take it. The SFEL04 unit is 24.55 pounds, and the SFEL06 and SFEL08 are 35.75 and 46.95 pounds, respectively.

All products are backed with a three-year warranty, and thus, you can have complete faith in their durability and strength. The investment will be well worth the benefits you receive when doing tasks that are usually laborious and taxing.

EZ-ACCESS has been providing the nation with wheelchair ramps as well as industrial, commercial-grade, and recreational access  products for more than 35 years. The company is on the highest reliability level for manufacturing sturdy ramps. You can obtain additional information about product offerings by visiting their website or contacting them online or by phone for support. A team member can help you make the right choice when selecting a ramp for your specific needs.  

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