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Toilet Incline Lift for Elderly or Disabled Individuals

A toilet incline lift is one of the most helpful products for a person with a disability or who is aging and experiencing reduced mobility. It allows for dignified, independent bathroom use by helping tremendously with the sit-to-stand and stand-to-sit motions. Additionally, it provides people with back and lower body injuries with the support they need to use the bathroom comfortably. The following toilet incline lift buying guide will share information about the best features to look for and how to perform a comparison to locate the most suitable lift product to make your bathroom safer and easier to use.

The Best Features of a Toilet Incline Lift

The number one tip in this toilet incline lift buying guide is to seek features that will make your bathroom trips the most manageable. Manufacturers design a vast assortment of lifts, some of which only come with basic functionality. The other end of the spectrum includes state-of-the-art features that give a user complete independence and freedom. These are some of the top features to seek in the product:

No-Hassle Installation

You may not have assistance installing the lift. Therefore, you'll want to purchase one that has clear-cut assembly instructions or a simple assembly procedure you can do in a short amount of time.

Ease of Use

The product's overall ease of use is essential because it will affect the user's quality of life. Thus, you'll need to search for features that lessen the burden during operation to make trips to the bathroom stress-free.

Charging Flexibility

Searching for a device that allows you to choose from a corded or a convenient cordless charging model. You'll have much more flexibility with your setup options and won't have to be as dependent on your toilet being close to an outlet.  


Having a unit compatible with multiple toilets is also an excellent feature and design to seek. You want to make sure the lift is a perfect fit with your toilet, so ensuring it’s compatible is key.

Body Measurement Ranges

Flexibility is another feature you should seek when shopping for a toilet incline lift so that the device can not only be used by the primary person in need of it, but also others in the home that will need to utilize the same bathroom. Some of the newest devices can handle over 300 pounds and adults taller than 6 feet.

Easy Maintenance

You'll want to purchase a unit that is easy to clean and sanitize to ensure cleanliness of the unit can be upkept without intensive or cumbersome work.

Attractive Design

The appearance of the unit is just as important as other factors are. A discreet design can prevent your bathroom from looking like it houses a piece of medical equipment, which can be very important to those who would like to maintain a level of privacy about their condition.

Fair Pricing

Your budget is always important, and you should factor it in before starting your search. Lift units can be more costly due to the nature of their design. However, some budget-friendly models are available.

How To Choose the Best Toilet Incline Lift

This reliable toilet incline lift buying guide explains how to find the best unit. An easy process is to examine your budget and then go over the list of desired features. Matching units with your feature list is the quickest way to find suitable options. Next, you'll read about the items on your list and the reviews consumers have left for them. Your choices will narrow as you discover superior lifts with a list of benefits that match your current and future needs.

An Amazing Lift That Might Interest You

The EZ-ACCESS TILT unit is easily the best toilet incline lift for people with limited mobility who need assistance using the bathroom. The model has a gorgeous powder-coated steel finish and is sturdy enough to handle up to 325 pounds. The device is also lightweight compared to other models. Thus, you can easily transport it to different bathrooms if need be.

When creating this device, your innermost comforts and desires were considered. For example, the unit has a comfortable 15 to 20-second lifting and lowering time and a powerful 120 VAC 60Hz motor. Furthermore, you can purchase a battery-operated unit to add to the convenience.

The model can be mounted on a round or elongated toilet and fits bowls between 14 and 21 inches high. If that's not an impressive feature, the handheld control system certainly is. You or your caregiver can navigate lifting and lowering using the push button control.

This unit also makes transferring from a wheelchair or transport chair almost seamless. It's an excellent buy if you seek a lift that can give you features that help today, and will help even more if your condition progresses.

Experts at EZ-ACCESS can give you additional information about the toilet lift you desire. Ensure you ask all questions of interest to fully understand the device's capabilities. Contact EZ-ACCESS’ Customer Service team today at 800-451-1903.

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