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Singlefold AS Ramp vs Trifold® AS Ramp

When it comes to choosing a portable ramp, it can be quite overwhelming with the number of options on the market and even the options that a single manufacturer offers. We get many questions about the differences between two fairly similar-looking SUITCASE® portable folding wheelchair ramps, and we are here to answer a key question: Singlefold AS Ramp vs. Trifold AS Ramp, which is better? The answer is not quite as simple as choosing A over B. You need to take a few things into consideration, such as the specifications of each model and what you’ll be primarily using the ramp for, before determining which is better for you and your unique needs. 

Singlefold AS Ramp

The Singlefold AS Ramp is a portable accessibility ramp that features two rectangular pieces connected by a hinge that runs the length of the ramp. The ramp can be folded once and carried for optimal convenience. 

The ramp comes in five different lengths ranging from 2’ to 6’. When it’s folded, the longest length is 72” (1.8 m) long by 15” (38 cm) wide by 4.5” (11.4 cm) high. It weighs 30 lbs (13.6 kg) and has the capacity to handle a load of up to 800 lbs (363 kg).

Where is a Singlefold AS Ramp best suited?

The Singlefold AS Ramp is lightweight and can be used effectively to provide easy access to a raised porch, landing, curb, platform, etc.

The ramp is relatively light and quite portable, so it can be used on site to offer access to elevated areas of the home. 

This is a great temporary ramp that can be folded up and moved to wherever it is needed. It is also well-suited for loading in your vehicle for use anywhere on the go.

Trifold AS Ramp

The Trifold AS Ramp is a portable ramp that can provide access to slightly higher elevations such as a landing that typically takes traversing a few steps to reach, taller entrances, the back of an SUV, etc. thanks to its longer lengths offered (up to 10’).

The ramp does fold twice, once lengthwise and then again in the opposite direction, to create a very compact ramp that can easily fit in the back of a vehicle. 

This tri-folding ramp is available in five different lengths ranging from 5’ to 10’. When folded, the Trifold AS Ramp’s longest length is 60.75” (1.5 m) long by 15” (38 cm) wide by 11.5” (29 cm) high. It weighs 60 lbs (27.2 kg) and has a carrying capacity of 800 lbs (363 kg).

Where is a Trifold AS Ramp best suited?

The Trifold AS Ramp is best suited for relatively high levels that need to be accessed. This includes tall vehicles, such as SUVs. It is also very useful for raised landings and steps.

This ramp is ideal for situations when you have limited space in your vehicle, because it can fold into a quarter of its overall size.

The Trifold AS Ramp is very portable and is also suitable for when you need to carry a ramp around more than usual. It can be separated into two sections for reduced handling weight and increased portability.

Singlefold AS Ramp vs. Trifold AS Ramp, which is better?

Choosing a single-folding or a tri-folding ramp begins with looking at the similarities and differences between the two.

Similarities between the Singlefold AS Ramp and Trifold AS Ramp

Both ramps are great for offering ease of access at home or while out and about. Raised areas can be accessed more easily with these ramps and they truly break down barriers for those with limited mobility. They can both be used for places with steps, and even to get into large vehicles. 

A unique feature of both of these ramps is that they can be divided into two separate sections that are easier and lighter to carry.

The surfaces of both ramps have a textured, applied surface that makes them slip-resistant. This means they are safe to use in any weather.

The bottom transition plates of the ramps are self-adjusting. They adjust independently of the ramp and make the transition from the ground to the ramp and vice versa much smoother and easier. 

The carrying handle on both styles offers a more comfortable way to transport the ramps to the location where they are needed.

Differences between the Singlefold AS Ramp and Trifold AS Ramp

The Singlefold AS Ramp only folds once along its length. That means that the folded ramp is longer than the Trifold.

The Trifold AS Ramp, in comparison, folds multiple times, so it is only as big as one of the panels when folded.

This makes the Trifold AS Ramp much shorter than the Singlefold AS model when folded. However, because it folds more times than the Singlefold AS Ramp, it does form a thicker ‘box.’

The Trifold is available in longer lengths, which means that it can accommodate higher rises/elevations. 

The verdict

There isn’t too much to compare between the Singlefold and Trifold AS Ramps, as they have many of the same features. However, for sheer portability and because it's incredibly easy to pack, the Trifold AS Ramp is a bit more versatile; so if versatility is something you need, this ramp comes out on top.

For easy access

Both the Singlefold AS Ramp and the Trifold AS Ramp are available from EZ-ACCESS. If you are looking for the best access solution for your loved ones using a mobility device, visit EZ-ACCESS and choose from a variety of options, or contact us and we can help give you a little extra guidance to ensure you end up with the right product.

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