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Ten Benefits of Vertical Platform Lifts

The benefits of a Vertical Platform Lift for your home are far-reaching and can include advantages you may not have ever considered.

Even if you do not have a need for daily use of a vertical platform lift at this time, you may need to acquire one in the future if you have a spouse or loved ones with mobility issues that are declining, and installing one at today’s prices is sure to be cheaper than installing one years from now.

Here Are Ten of the Top Benefits You Can Look Forward To Experiencing if You Install a Vertical Platform Lift.

  1. Additional resale value and desirability: When you list your home for sale in the future, the presence of a functional platform lift can potentially increase your asking price. If a buyer needs an accessible home, having this feature can distinguish your home from others on the market and lead to a quicker sale. 
  2. Added accessibility: Having a vertical platform lift makes it easy for friends or family members with limited mobility to come to visit your home or stay with you on vacation. For aging parents and grandparents, this ease of entering and exiting the house can be a game changer. 
  3. Reduces physical impact on caregivers: Helping get a person with mobility issues in and out of the home can be very physically taxing on caregivers. For families who can’t afford to hire help, this responsibility can fall on family members who aren’t physically capable and end up suffering from back pain, neck pain, muscle strain, and hernias.  
  4. Prepares the home for senior living: Even if you do not need to use a lift to enter and exit the home currently, it’s important to plan for the future. If you plan to grow old in the property and make it your forever home, having a lift in place can make this a reality. By minimizing the chance of you falling when your mobility does decrease or the stairs get slippery due to rain, a lift enables you to stay in the home for much longer.
  5. Increased safety: Modern vertical platform lifts have more safety features than ever before, reducing the risk of injury or accident to the user and any children or pets present on the property. For example, built-in sensors detect when there is anything present in the area under the lift and will stop it from moving downwards, preventing potential injuries to pets or children. 
  6. Lack of maintenance: Aluminum lifts feature lightweight but durable construction meaning that you don’t need to spend much time maintaining the lift. It naturally resists rust and decay to stay functional and clean looking for as long as possible. 
  7. Increased independence: For adults with decreased mobility, one of the hardest aspects of daily life can be wanting to do daily tasks without relying on anyone for help. The easy operation of the lift means that one person can operate it, making it simple to get in and out without waiting for anyone. With a potential height of up to 72”, even homes with high doorways can be easy to enter and exit thanks to this technology.  
  8. Eliminates the need for a constant power source: Some residential vertical platform lifts are battery powered and do not require a constant power source to work. This means they can still be operational if there is a snowstorm or rainstorm that leads to a loss of power. 
  9. Smooth quiet ride makes it less disruptive for suburban living: Keep yourself mobile at any time of day or night without disrupting anyone who lives nearby. While some vertical lifts make loud noises while in operation, today’s modern lifts are quiet and offer a much smoother ride than older models.  
  10. Affordability: The cost of installing a lift is minimal compared to how much it can cost to employ a home health aide, nurse or caregiver to help get a person with mobility challenges in and out. They can also be less expensive than a large ramp system needed for higher entrances. 

With residential vertical platform lifts in place, you can look forward to a simpler, easier process anytime someone with mobility issues comes in or out of the home. EZ-ACCESS is the nation’s leading provider of accessibility solutions including residential vertical platform lifts. Contact us today to find out more about having a vertical lift installed at your home. 

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