Dedication and Service: Get to Know Diana P. - EZ-ACCESS

Dedication and Service: Get to Know Diana P.

Diana P.

Customer Service Supervisor

Making a difference is a valuable part of any job, and it is why Diana P. has stayed with EZ-ACCESS® over the years. From the beginning, Diana has grown in roles across the Customer Service team through evolving her skills and knowledge. Starting as a Customer Service Representative, Diana later became a Customer Service Lead before taking on the Customer Service Supervisor position she currently holds. Diana credits Lanelle, Director of Customer Care, for the support that has helped her learn and grow. Receiving mentorship and guidance has helped Diana improve her customer care skills and find the best solutions for their accessibility needs. She appreciates the personal and professional development she has experienced while working at EZ-ACCESS. Each day, the situations she encounters provide the opportunity to enhance her life both in and out of work.

Like all of our employees, Diana is driven by a passion for helping others. It’s not just about connecting them to the right solution for their accessibility needs—it’s also the active participation in seeing the installation come to life. EZ-ACCESS team members frequently take part in community outreach as part of our mission to enhance accessibility in the world around us. One of Diana’s favorite memories is from an outreach project in which she helped install an access solution for a child with a disability. These opportunities to volunteer create a gratifying experience to connect the efforts to the reality of what improved accessibility provides. These interactions are part of what Diana loves the most about her work. “I’ve met some amazing people working here,” says Diana. She sees the positive environment that EZ-ACCESS has created as a shining point that sets the company apart from others.

“EZ-ACCESS makes quality ramps, and the company is always changing to go with the flow of the market,” she states. By updating the product line to meet consumer needs, EZ-ACCESS constantly adapts to the ever-changing industry. Diana highlighted the changes she has seen since joining EZ-ACCESS, from adding commercial ramping, to pet ramps and recreational ramps. It’s not just the array of products that has grown. Diana is proud of the increased breadth of the organization itself. “The size of the company has more than doubled since I started working here.”

As a company founded on family, community service, and innovation, we’re fortunate to have Diana as part of our organization. When you reach out to EZ-ACCESS Customer Service, she and her team guide you toward the perfect solution while ensuring you’re supported every step of the way. Diana is a shining example of the people we employ, and her actions demonstrate what true customer service means.

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