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Safe Summer Fun with Access Solutions

Can you remember the freedom that came with summer vacation as a kid?

For a while, there were no early mornings or homework due the next day. Just two months of warm weather and time with friends. At EZ-ACCESS, we want to ensure that children of all abilities are included in the summer fun, so we’ve come up with a short list of creative, inexpensive activities that utilize aluminum ramps, like the PATHWAY® 3G, you may have at your home.

water squirt guns behind a bucket full of water balloons


Get out your squirt guns and water balloons! It’s the season for water fights. One of the best features of an aluminum ramp is the slip-resistant capability. This means the ramp can get wet and the tread will help prevent slips! As with any damp area, you’ll want to set rules to keep the kids safe like “no running on the ramp,” for example. Once the rules are set for safety, it’s time for the fun to begin!

You can get creative and set up a game of capture the flag, water balloon style! Make the ramp neutral ground and scope out the play area to make sure all parts are accessible for wheelchairs and assistive mobility equipment. We recommend dividing up into teams for comradery, and to offer assistance for any children with mobility limitations.

ballon arch in the color order of a rainbow over the Pathway 3G ramp

Royal Entrance

Pretending to be royalty is almost a rite of passage during childhood. And the best way to make a royal entrance? A gallant stroll down a grand ramp while all the people of the kingdom watch. A safe and inexpensive way to dress the ramp up is tying together balloons to create a balloon arch over the ramp. Or gathering whatever materials you fancy, just as long as nothing obstructs the usable ramp area.

Children can take turns making their grand entrance to a ball, a royal tea party, or even to an important meeting to discuss domestic affairs. Because who says they can’t learn something new while they play?

two children judges holding up 10 point cards and a girl in a wheelchair with a purple tiara

Fashion Show

This one may be the easiest one of them all because there is no need to buy anything new! Set a theme for a fashion show and have children dress up in crazy outfits. Once they are decked out in runway attire, the kids can strut their way down the ramp like supermodels.

If there is a large group of kids, have them take turns being designers and judges of the fashion show! Show them that you don’t have to be in the spotlight to be an important part of the collaboration.

a boy with his left leg amputated with crutches standing behind a telescope and in front of the Pathway 3G ramp


Wait for sunset, grab some blankets, and head outside to gaze at the stars. If the kids are winding down for the night, and playtime is over, you can just relax outside and try to find different constellations. If it’s a late-summer-night kind of time, you can look up how to make a homemade telescope to get a closer look at the stars. The aluminum ramp can be the high-tech rocket and the kids, of course, are the world’s most capable astronauts.

Can we let you in on a secret?

We just made up all of those activities we listed, because fun is only limited to your imagination!

Use these activities as a framework for summer fun and see where it goes from there! Our bet is that the kids surprise you with everything they come up with after they start thinking about how to play using the ramp. We hope this list of fun gets you started on the right track for safe and accessible summer fun.

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