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10 Benefits of Portable Ramps

Ramps are a wonderful thing, they promote accessibility and allow those that might not be able to get in or out of places and spaces to do just that.

They can also be used for loading recreational vehicles, navigating curbs when making commercial deliveries, and so much more. Portable ramps have plenty of benefits that make them as desirable if not more preferable to permanent ramp systems. There are plenty of benefits to portable ramps and outlined below are 10 portable ramp advantages. 

1. Ease of Use

Perhaps the most important benefit is that portable ramps are easy to use and they can be added to any home, building, or access point. They can be used to get into buildings for those that are disabled or that are impaired in some way, they can offer easy maneuvering  for those that need assistance loading or unloading heavy or bulky items, and they can be moved and adjusted as needed. 

2. Durability

Portable ramps are built to withstand continued use and can take on the rigors of repeat set up, pick up, and storage. They are designed to carry a fairly significant amount of weight, helping to offer the ease of access needed. Built from high-strength aluminum, EZ-ACCESS portable ramps are also rust-proof so they can stand up to harsh environments and offer portable access for years to come.

3. Multiple Uses

These types of ramps can also be used in tons of different ways. They are not limited to just being mobility ramps for those that might have problems getting around or that might have to use mobility aids. This type of ramp can be used for loading and unloading your recreational vehicles into your truck, getting lawn mowers and other items into different spaces, and getting all those heavy or bulky items that you have moved around. They are also useful on construction sites, in warehouses, on deliveries, and more. 

4. Easy Installation

This is another benefit to this type of ramp. Instead of having to do major construction to get a ramp installed, you can get it installed without doing any major renovation. This type of ramp can be installed quickly, often in just a matter of minutes, as they typically do not require any sort of assembly.

5. Easy Removal

With a portable ramp a major draw is that they are not permanent. When the ramp is no longer needed, it can be taken down quickly and easily and then stowed away until next use. These ramps can be set up when they are needed and then can be removed as needed as well. 

6. They are More Compact

Most permanent ramps are bulky, they tend to be much larger and also require a great deal of work to have them installed properly. Portable ramps are just that, they are portable which means that they are designed to be much more compact, and easy to move around as needed. 

7.  Light Weight

Portable ramps are designed to be very light weight which means that if they do need to be moved or taken from one place to another, that can be done fairly quickly and easily.

8. Incredibly Varied

There are so many types of portable ramps. With multiple styles, sizes, and surface types, the right ramp can be chosen based on your specific requirements and needs.

9. Affordability

Portable ramps are often less expensive than ramps that must be added permanently to structures. These ramps are designed to be more affordable, they are designed with durable materials, and they are going to last for a very long time without you having to spend a great deal of money to make costly alterations to your home or the structure to which the ramp is being added to. 

10. Safe

Portable ramps are designed with your safety in mind and many have safety features incorporated in such as a slip-resistant surface, curbs along each side of the ramp to help prevent slippage, and they come in lengthy sizes so that you can be sure your incline isn’t too steep.

Portable ramps are the wave of the future. These ramps are affordable, far less difficult to set up, incredibly versatile, and offer a plethora of benefits to the user. Portable ramps are a great option if you do have mobility issues, if you want a recreational ramp, or if you need a ramp for your commercial property. 

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