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Project Highlight: The City of Tucson's Reopening Project

COVID continues to present challenges for many businesses.

The ever-changing requirements can be hard to keep up with and businesses are being pushed to create quick and creative responses to problems that did not exist prior to 2020.

Restaurants have been hit particularly hard. With capacity restrictions in place, they are scrambling to find room to expand their dining areas to accommodate more guests while adhering to proper social distancing guidelines.

The city of Tucson found a creative solution to help save their community. They are currently working on a project in their downtown area to expand dining areas to the outdoor space in front of some local restaurants by utilizing the wide sidewalks along their main street.

Taking up the main public walkway presented an issue when they first approached this idea. They needed to come up with a simple solution to reroute foot traffic around the extended dining areas so that passersby would not have to go through the restaurant area.

We were able to work with the city to create a two-part access solution that redirects individuals around the partitioned areas. By simply placing a platform with ramp and handrails on either end of the dining area, folks are gently re-routed off of the sidewalk and then guided back on to it on the other side of the dining area, a solution that offers easy access while also accommodating individuals of all abilities by eliminating any raised curbs.

Wheelchair wheels on our Singlefold Ramp slip-resistant tread
Wheelchair wheels on our Singlefold AS Ramp slip-resistant tread

Due to the pandemic, over the last several months we have developed a wide variety of unique solutions for businesses, schools, and other public establishments to help with social distancing mandates. Everything from ramp systems that provide access into and out of mobile testing sites, added jobsite trailers, and additional portable classrooms to projects just like this that allow operation within the confines of their local government.

If you are running up against access challenges during this time, feel free to reach out to our team as they can work with you to develop a solution fit for your location. We have the product and support staff in house to help you get the right products that you need to efficiently operate. 

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