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Prince George County Public Schools Project

Modular classrooms have become more common over the years as a way to expand space in a school or provide a temporary location during renovations. Prince George County Schools added a new modular classroom to one of their facilities but needed a way to provide access to the elevated entry. While stairs would be suitable for some, they’d also need a ramp for those with limited mobility and to meet Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. They selected the EZ-ACCESS® PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System to provide both elements so that students and educators could enter the new building regardless of their mobility. 

Selecting the PATHWAY HD Modular Access System

The PATHWAY HD is a modular access system that allows for customized combinations of prefabricated sections to create access solutions for a commercial building. The system includes options for stairs, ramps, and platforms that can be arranged and adjusted in limitless ways to fit the needs of any building. Prince George County Public Schools utilized the ADA-compliant ramp, stairs, and platform to make their new modular classroom accessible for everyone. 

The necessary platform and stair height, as well as the length of the ramp, were calculated using the height from the ground to the bottom of the classroom door. ADA wheelchair ramps require a 1:12 ratio for rise to run, meaning for each inch of height between the ground and door frame, there had to be twelve inches of ramp length. The resulting angle of the ramp is one that is easier to navigate with assistive devices. While the required ramp length was long, configuring it to run along the building and then outward in an L shape provided plenty of space. 

One of the best features of the PATHWAY HD is its ease of installation. The lightweight but durable aluminum is simple to maneuver, and the pre-built components eliminate the labor-intensive work of building from scratch using materials such as wood. This made it easy for the school system to install and complete the build within a day. Quick installation provides faster access to a space when time is short, and the durability of aluminum allows for this without sacrificing the quality of the installation. 

The Importance of Commercial Ramps

An ADA ramp is a requirement for many spaces beyond schools, like stores, venues, and public buildings. Commercial ramps like the PATHWAY HD provide opportunities to participate in the world that could otherwise be out of reach for those with mobility differences. Because these settings often have a high amount of foot traffic and little time to build or maintain a ramp, they need a solution that will last years without frequent maintenance. It’s why EZ-ACCESS relies on aluminum—it’s ideal for ramps, providing both a long lifespan and minimal maintenance since it’s resistant to corrosion and weather. 

Prince George County Public Schools is one of many educational institutions and other facilities that have turned to EZ-ACCESS for a high-quality access solution that users can rely on. Every school and commercial building could use an ADA commercial ramp that’s long-lasting, high-quality, and backed by decades of industry experience. Partner with the EZ-ACCESS Customer Service team to find the best solution for your space and make access easy for all.

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