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Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church Project

One of the many ways EZ-ACCESS® goes beyond company walls is by serving the community through volunteerism. Having the opportunity to use our own hands to install an access solution is one of the best ways to see our innovations and mission come to life. Several times a year, we volunteer in local areas by donating ramps and installation assistance to organizations in need. When Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Kentucky needed a ramp to ensure everyone in their congregation could use the annex building, EZ-ACCESS couldn’t help but assist in their goal. With four stairs creating a barrier to those with limited mobility, the current setup meant those with wheelchairs and other mobility devices may not be able to get inside. A ramp would be the perfect way to correct this so no one would be excluded from ministry activities. We listened to the church’s needs to determine what kind of access solution would work best and what dimensions or features would be necessary to suit the location. With the help of our team, we were able to choose the perfect solution to provide Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church with a more inclusive building. 

The Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church Project

EZ-ACCESS donated a PATHWAY® 3G Modular Access System to the church alongside the helping hands of several of our staff. Deane Sandvold, Dirk Downs, Heather Powell, Rashell Manery, and Tim Fowler rolled up their sleeves to deliver and install the ramp. Like all of the EZ-ACCESS crew, these volunteers were more than happy to have a chance to give back to their local community. 


Since the church’s annex building had no existing ramp in place, demolition wasn’t required, and the team could get right to building the ramp. While the PATHWAY 3G comes in two variations for surface type, the church opted for the solid, extruded tread surface that has raised ribs for slip resistance. The prefabricated ramp pieces of the PATHWAY 3G were unboxed and laid out along the walkway that led to the stairs so positioning could be reviewed. The length of the ramp had been pre-determined during the planning process based on the distance from the ground to the tallest step. A 1:12 incline ratio is ideal for making navigation easy when using a wheelchair or assistive device, and the ramp length was calculated based on this ratio. The calculations worked perfectly, and the ramp was just the right length for the space and height. Once the segments of the ramp runway were secured together, the team worked as one to lift the lightweight, yet durable ramp and position it in the right spot. With the top of the ramp resting on the porch landing, the volunteers were able to begin adjusting the ramp legs to the proper height. With each support independently adjustable and rotatable, the ramp could easily compensate for any uneven areas on the ground. This allowed the ramp to remain level, even when the surface below was not. Since none of the EZ-ACCESS ramps require concrete footers, no additional prep work was required when getting the ramp in place. 

After ensuring that the wheelchair ramp was securely in place and the surface was level, the team began installing the handrails. Spanning the length of the ramp, handrails were installed on both sides and included a second lower rail for height options. With the vertical rail posts secured on the outside of the ramp, the width of the runway remained open and unaffected. This careful design, along with bolt and edge placement, was purposeful by our Research & Development  team to make the ramps as safe and functional as possible. Once the rail loops were secured at the top and bottom, final checks of the build were performed to ensure the ramp was ready to be tested. 


A member of the church was the first to trial the new ramp with his wheelchair. What had been an inaccessible space for those with limited mobility was suddenly a place of inclusion. Within a couple of hours, the church annex had been transformed through aluminum and teamwork. Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church greatly appreciated the work that had been performed and what the ramp meant to their congregation. They were kind enough to present EZ-ACCESS with a plaque of gratitude, which serves as a reminder of why our products and mission are so important to the world. 

Benefits of Aluminum Wheelchair Ramps Like the PATHWAY® 3G 

As a building with frequent events and activity, a church needs safe and durable equipment that will last a long time. Like all of our ramps, the PATHWAY® 3G is constructed using aluminum, a material that offers a perfect balance of heavy-duty strength and lightweight properties. It’s the ideal combination that allows for quick installation, eliminating the need for extended construction or downtime. The quick installation time of our aluminum access products is a significant advantage for buildings with only one entrance or high foot traffic, especially when compared to other materials.


Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion and deterioration, allowing it to have a long lifespan with minimal maintenance. This is a major benefit for outdoor ramps, as a ramp will constantly be exposed to climate and weather conditions. Aluminum ramps don’t require sealing, painting, or other regular activity the way a wood ramp does. For a church, this means the time saved on maintaining the building can instead be placed back into activities with a community impact. It also saves money by eliminating associated maintenance costs. 

The prefabricated nature of our accessibility ramps also gets rid of the need for extensive construction work. Building a wood ramp requires sawing, drilling, and other heavy labor. A mistake in measuring or cutting wood can cause added time to complete the project or the need to repurchase materials. Aluminum ramps drastically decrease installation time but also reduce errors and costly reworks. The lightweight material is easier to transport and speeds up the build. Aluminum dramatically simplifies the process of adding a ramp to any building. 

Community Outreach at EZ-ACCESS

Our team is more than employees working jobs—they’re people who want to see a world without barriers. We’re proud of their drive to serve the community by taking part in installation projects and helping to deliver our mission in many different ways. EZ-ACCESS provides opportunities throughout the year for our team members to walk the walk, and they’re always eager to roll up their sleeves.


Taking part in accessibility ramp installations also allows us to truly understand our products and our customers. When you call our Customer Service team, you’re speaking with people who have experience with the installation process and have seen the immediate benefits a ramp installation provides. They can speak to what options and solutions work best in your unique space because they have physically built and seen the products in real life. 

EZ-ACCESS embraces opportunities to see our solutions in action. Watching the transformation that turns an inaccessible space into one that anyone can enter is a powerful motivator to continue on our path. Each installation in our community also provides us with the chance to see how we can enhance our existing products further. We love having the opportunity to interact with users who help us become better people and better innovators each day. 

Getting a Ramp for Your Church or Organization 

Your church, facility, or organization can transform accessibility just like Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church. With our customizable modular access systems, EZ-ACCESS will help craft a solution no matter the age or layout of your building. Whether you need a way to overcome a couple of stairs or you need access to a second-story entrance, our Customer Service team is here to make your accessibility needs happen. Wherever you are in the United States, we will help connect you with local partners who are experts in installation. It’s time to open your doors to everyone with EZ-ACCESS!

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