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Modular Access Systems for Temporary Structures

Temporary, modular structures are used extensively in commercial workspaces and require a safe method for entering the structure. Most of these modular spaces have heavy foot traffic and pose unique risks if they aren't up to code or meeting specific standards. That's where the PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System proves an excellent solution. It's up to code and offers plenty of benefits and features that make it the best and most prudent investment for safe access for companies of all types and sizes.

How Modular Access Systems Help Temporary Structures

Finding the right modular access system for temporary structures can sometimes take time and effort. However, an option solves all these issues and provides reliable, convenient access without struggling to assemble it or configure it to your modular structure.


One issue that many companies have with their access systems is durability—which translates into safety. For a system to be safe, it's got to be durable. That means standing up to the elements throughout the year and for several years. It also means being able to support certain weight limits and frequent foot traffic. Ideally, the best access systems will be made from durable aluminum that is lightweight and resists rust and deterioration.


Safety is always a top concern with access systems and any equipment on a site. The PATHWAY HD Code Compliant Modular Access System adheres to the following codes and guidelines.

  • OSHA
  • IBC
  • ADA

This product also features a slip-resistant tread to ensure those who use the system remain safe in all weather conditions. The raised-rib tread has a dual-tier grip system that delivers more traction than other surfaces.

This system is also configurable for most modular structures. That means you can create a custom system that will conform to the modular building’s exact requirements and specifications to ensure a perfect fit. Keep your teams, and visitors to the site, safe with an expertly crafted access system that provides the features necessary to remain an excellent investment for many years to come.


The installation of this access system is quick and easy. There are universal components that make it a breeze to install and configure. It's just as simple to remove and reconfigure for new sites as well. Choose from many layouts and potential configurations.

Better Investment

The PATHWAY HD Modular Access System is a better investment than other access systems because it adheres to higher standards and is composed of materials designed to last. However, it has a lightweight construction that makes it easy to deliver, set up, and move again. Get years of use out of a single system that can replace older versions that are less durable, heavier, and more difficult to assemble. A modular access system for temporary structures should be easy to use and offer more versatility than traditional stairs or other related products.


There are many considerations to factor into the decision to purchase the best modular access system for temporary structures. One thing to know is that you must buy a product that follows all the codes and safety regulations that apply to your business and your site. Additionally, purchasing the most sturdy and durable option prevents injuries and potential legal problems or workman's compensation claims.

Additionally, you'll likely want to receive your products quickly without waiting a long time for the system to arrive and then needing to assemble a team to handle heavy components. We have superior technology that allows us to get you a quote within a matter of minutes and then your PATHWAY HD Modular Access System will be shipped out of our warehouse in just a few days. You'll then receive your high-quality, code-compliant product within the shipping timeframe that you discuss with our team.

You'll also be satisfied knowing you're pursuing a product made in the USA and with a warranty on workmanship. When you order products from EZ-ACCESS, you'll also get superior customer service and support whenever you need it. There are many reasons to purchase these access systems that replace other less versatile models and allow you to use them in many configurations that suit almost any modular structure used commercially.

Reach Out Today

To find out more about this convenient and high-quality product, check out the specifications on the EZ-ACCESS website or reach out to their Customer Service team. They can provide answers to questions or assistance with an order or shipping issues. Get the best products for commercial use from a trusted retailer with quality and service in mind.

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