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Manufacturing Capabilities at EZ-ACCESS®

Creating a more accessible world takes vision, innovation, and execution. The ability to not just design but actually manufacture something results in better product through added control of materials and quality assurance. Today, very few companies in the United States actually craft their own products. Generally, they choose to outsource that part to factories in other countries that provide lower-quality work in order to improve their margins. Fortunately, when it comes to accessibility options like ramps for homes and other buildings, there is a better answer! 

EZ-ACCESS® has been at the forefront of the accessibility industry for close to four decades, keeping the business both in the family and in the country. Our passion is products that help those with limited mobility overcome the barriers in their environment so they can live freely. By having ownership of the entire process from concept to manufacturing and distribution, EZ-ACCESS creates solutions that can mean the difference in safe mobility. Our manufacturing capabilities set us apart from outsourced work performed in other countries with lower standards and give our customers the quality they deserve.

Research and Design

It all starts with research and design along with engineers passionate about access solutions. Our team carefully considers how each product is created so that it meets the needs of our customers. This includes taking feedback from users to further enhance our ramps, transition plates, and other items. The designs for each product are thoroughly reviewed to consider the needs of different individuals. Someone using a walker may require different features than someone using a wheelchair, for instance. Even wheelchairs vary in the kinds of space constraints they must work within. Our products are vetted to ensure that the elements are highly durable, and each point of connection is secured for long-lasting stability. Since our team creates the products they’d want for their own loved ones, they put in an immense amount of time and effort to design our ramps, stairs, and other accessibility products. We never take our products for granted and are constantly looking to make them even better, which is why we have in-house research and development professionals. They ensure EZ-ACCESS is continuing to evolve, making each generation of products better than the last. 

This “high-quality” mindset carries over into each order that’s placed with us. We own and operate the entire process, so when someone needs a custom design or solution for their aluminum ramp, platform, or stairs, we’re able to take care of it. Our R&D and Engineering staff understand the unique issues that come with creating accessible spaces and have specialized knowledge on how to find the right solution for our customers. This is perfect for the wide range of customers we get: everything from residential ramps to platforms at entertainment venues has been custom-made by our talented people. 

Manufacturing Access for All

Design is key, but so is production—especially with equipment that affects someone’s safety and independence. EZ-ACCESS handles the manufacturing process in-house, performing the work right here in the USA. Our company has expanded over the years to meet the constantly growing demand for access solutions. We carefully craft each ramp, threshold transition, and accessibility product at our Kentucky facilities. These manufacturing and distribution locations are right in Morganfield and Hopkinsville, and they have more than 375,000 square feet! There’s plenty of space for the team to make all the orders that come through from the accessibility community. The staff uses painstaking precision to make sure each piece is created, welded, and put together by hand. We go through anywhere from 8 million to 12 million pounds of aluminum per year making all of these items! The durability of aluminum, combined with its lighter weight and resistance to corrosion, makes it the ideal choice for many kinds of ramps. The choice of material is another reason why EZ-ACCESS has been an industry leader for so long—it’s what holds up to the test of time. 

Having the flexibility to create tailored products means we’re able to help in even the most unique situations. While other companies are constrained by a chain of command or forced to adhere to manufacturer requests, EZ-ACCESS isn’t boxed in. Your access needs are unique, and the solution should be as well. Custom ramps are one of our favorite things to craft because there are so many different buildings in the world that need ramps but require something a bit unique. Creating a special version of our product for that customer is something few companies can accomplish. If you have a constrained space, an unusual building design, or even need a custom second-story ramp for a venue, we’re able to make it happen! We’re always excited to help bridge the gap in access needs so no one is left out. 

Higher-Quality Products

Having a close hand in the entire cycle of creation means we’re able to ensure the quality of all EZ-ACCESS products. Our team is dedicated to keeping a close eye on every piece produced to ensure it meets the high standards we set. We’re able to closely inspect and perform quality control on everything we put our name on. When you order an access solution from EZ-ACCESS, you can be confident it’s been made to the highest standard and will serve you for years to come. We’ve evaluated the materials to make sure there are no bad batches, checked the welded spots so they’re secured properly, and made certain that the final product has the correct dimensions. 

Everything we do is based right here in the USA. Design, manufacturing, distribution, and customer service are all handled by team members who could be your neighbors. As a family-owned and operated business for 40 years, we’re always proud to be helping the communities we live in. Having products made in America is one of the things EZ-ACCESS is most passionate about. We are profoundly committed to creating jobs within our country that provide opportunities for growth, passion, and success. 

Our team is made up of a variety of people, including veterans, who support our mission. Our distribution and manufacturing facilities are strong providers of jobs, and there’s no shortage of passion in the crew. It’s not just the manufacturing that’s based in the US—our Customer Service team is too! Every time you call or message us, the person on the other end is someone who could live right nextdoor. Being able to speak with someone that you can connect with is an important part of getting the right product. 

Accessibility That’s Close at Hand 

The added bonus of our products being created here in the United States is that everything is close to you. When you order something from EZ-ACCESS, we may be able to ship it to you within a couple days! With manufacturing and distribution so close to you, there’s little delay from the time of purchase. This makes a huge difference for those who need to quickly install a ramp after a sudden change in mobility. We send out over 3,000 shipments per month to customers across the country. Distribution includes everything from small items like the TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Ramp to customized PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access Systems that can be enormous—even multi-story. EZ-ACCESS has helped over 3 million customers find the right solutions to make life more accessible. Each product we ship is a chance to make someone’s life easier, give back to the community, and provide opportunities for people who’ve always faced barriers. Accessibility has come a long way, and there’s still further to go, but we’re ready to take it on. 

EZ-ACCESS is proud to have ownership of our products from start to finish. Our dedication to quality access solutions runs deep and is our way of ensuring families, businesses, and communities don’t have to live with barriers. Big or small, we create ramps and products that give freedom in mobility to those with different abilities as well as caregivers. Getting access doesn’t have to be hard—the solutions are right here where you are. All you need to do is contact our Customer Service team to get the custom ramp or other mobility solutions you need. Get high-quality EZ-ACCESS solutions you can trust on your doorstep before you know it!

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