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Malvern Research Center at Great Valley Parkway Project

When the Malvern Research Center needed to address an access problem during building construction, the owner was looking for something durable that would serve as a long-term but temporary solution. A concrete ramp wasn’t going to be the right answer since it was permanent and harder to install, but EZ-ACCESS® had the perfect solution: aluminum. 

One Modular Solution for Multiple Challenges

The lab, located at Great Valley Parkway in Malvern, Pennsylvania, needed both a ramp and stairs to create an accessible way for deliveries and other foot traffic to get in and out of the building. Working with our Customer Service team, the lab decided on a 42’ ramp with a landing that also had stairs. The stairs provided a great option for quick comings and goings of staff, while the ramp provided a smoother path for those hauling boxes, pushing hand trucks, or who might not find stairs as convenient. By implementing a modular access system, the Malvern Research Center was able to customize the setup so that it worked for their specific needs.

Getting the PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System installed wasn’t a problem. Within three days, the customized setup was in place and ready for use. The entire 42 feet of ramping came together easily, having been carefully crafted at one of our US manufacturing facilities so that the modular pieces fit perfectly.

The owners of Malvern Research Center were thrilled with the outcome and how easy it was to achieve. “It was much easier than installing a concrete ramp, and it looks great on the back of the building,” they said. 

An Easy Transition

When construction is complete down the road and the building access needs to change, the Malvern Research Center will be able to easily disassemble the ramp and stairs. That’s the beauty of aluminum ramps: they’re durable enough to be a long-term solution but light enough to serve temporary needs as well. Our ramps are built to provide excellent grip to reduce the risk of slipping. Aluminum is also extremely easy to keep clean, which is important in an area undergoing construction. The Malvern Research Center won’t need to worry about the longevity or appearance of aluminum because it resists corrosion. 

Find Your Accessibility Solution

Does your facility need a ramp or stairs for better access? Want to give staff or visitors a better way to safely get in and out of the building? Whether you’re looking for a long-term improvement or just need something for the short term, our superior aluminum products are sure to fit your needs. With customizable layouts and the help of our Customer Service team, EZ-ACCESS will partner with you for the ideal design. From there, installation is a snap, and the solution is ready for use. Reach out to us through the contact form and we’ll have your building well on the way to better accessibility!

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