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Shining a Spotlight on the EZ-ACCESS Team

Our dedicated and personable team sets EZ-ACCESS® apart. These individuals come from a variety of backgrounds and experience, but all have the same thing in common: a shared vision of a world without barriers. One of the many groups within the company that is passionate about removing barriers and creating access for all is our Commercial Sales team. They specialize in delivering access for places such as businesses, public buildings, and event spaces. They help customers create unique access solutions that solve accessibility problems through detailed conversations to get down to the exact needs of the situation. Our Commercial Sales team are experts in their field and love what they do. Each is a valued member of EZ-ACCESS, helping to further the mission of life without barriers. Don’t just take our word for it - read on to hear directly from them about their roles and their passions. 

Meet Some of Our Team

Judson Branch headshot

Judson Branch

Executive Director of Sales

Judson Branch has dedicated his entire career to the wheelchair access industry. After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration from John Brown University in 1985, he entered the career force with Alumiramp and Harmar. When Judson joined EZ-ACCESS in 2002, he immediately made an impact and has continued to play a pivotal role in our growth and success. He is an expert in enabling individuals to overcome barriers through innovative product development solutions for their access needs, including commercial wheelchair ramps. 

Based in Nashville, TN, Judson's goal is to continue changing the access market through new and innovative products and services. His success lies in taking small wins and scaling them for long-term achievements. He believes in the power of building successful partnerships with customers, recognizing the importance of strong relationships in achieving mutual success.

Judson is proud to be part of EZ-ACCESS; he values the consistent display of passion, vision, and dedication from the company's ownership. He enjoys the platform for creating the best accessibility products (like modular access systems) through the forward-thinking environment, helping EZ-ACCESS become a renowned brand in the industry.

Judson Branch is a seasoned sales professional driven to make a significant difference in people's lives through the development of innovative products and services. With his wealth of experience and dedication to customer relationships, he continues to shape the access market and solidify EZ-ACCESS as a leader in the industry.

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Alex Patnode

Vice President of Sales – Commercial

Alex Patnode has been instrumental in driving the company's success since joining in 2022. His bachelor's degree from Central Washington University and experience supporting multiple financial advisors gave Alex a strong educational foundation for his role with us. 

Alex is a great communicator—he understands what people are looking for, allowing him to tailor products to customers' specific needs. He uses the current product lines and adapts them to create unique and customized solutions. His deep product knowledge and ability to see potential solutions and applications have been key in building strong customer relationships. Alex consistently goes above and beyond for customers, exemplifying the core values upon which EZ-ACCESS was built.

Alex reinforces EZ-ACCESS’s dedication to providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of individuals worldwide. An accomplished salesperson with a passion for delivering exceptional customer experiences, his expertise in tailoring products to meet customer needs and his drive to exceed expectations play a huge part in EZ-ACCESS's growth and success in the commercial sector. His goal is to further expand the commercial department, establishing it as the go-to choice for all commercial access ramp needs.

Originally from Washington, Alex is currently based in the Madison, TN office. Outside of work, Alex enjoys flying small airplanes as a hobby and spending quality time with his wife and son.

Konnor Sandvold

Konnor Sandvold

Vice President of National Accounts Commercial

Based in Maple Valley, WA, Konnor Sandvold is a dedicated salesperson with a passion for blending his professional career in accessibility ramps and products with his adventurous lifestyle.

Outside of work, Konnor can often be found enjoying outdoor activities like snowboarding, wakeboarding, and fishing. These pursuits fuel his love for challenges and adventure, driving his desire to learn new things, build lasting relationships, and live meaningfully in his professional life as well. 

Konnor's philosophy revolves around the belief that sales should go beyond mere transactions. For him, it's about offering quality products that truly help others, genuinely caring for the customer's needs, and being committed to solving problems. His goal is always to prioritize others and assist them to the best of his ability. By living according to this philosophy, Konnor has witnessed the formation of strong relationships, which not only brings him joy but also deep fulfillment.

For Konnor, EZ-ACCESS is more than just a company; it represents his values. He takes great pride in being part of a team that promotes products he genuinely believes in. The family-like atmosphere at EZ-ACCESS is something he deeply appreciates and cherishes. Konnor has been a member of the EZ-ACCESS sales team since the start of 2023 and is honored to contribute to the impactful work being accomplished here through aluminum ramps and other access solutions.

With his professional demeanor and dedication to his craft, Konnor Sandvold is a valued member of the EZ-ACCESS team, consistently striving to provide excellent service and build meaningful connections.

You can see why we feel so proud to have these individuals as part of the EZ-ACCESS family. Each person brings expertise, vision, and execution to the table with a desire to promote accessibility in our communities. Their roles are more than just sales: they dedicate themselves to meeting our customers needs and delivering custom solutions that provide opportunities to live without barriers. Every person within EZ-ACCESS shares those visions and dreams, and strives to make them reality each day. If you’re ready to do the same, contact us to connect with Judson, Alex, Konnor, and the rest of the team today!

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