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How TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramps Make Loading and Unloading Easy

For many businesses, loading and unloading trucks is a daily and essential part of how they do business.

Getting materials into and out of a vehicle must be done quickly and safely in order to keep on schedule and keep customers happy.

Unfortunately, however, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, this job can be a dangerous one. When you don’t have the right tools, loading and unloading from vehicles is one of the most dangerous aspects of a job and where a large number of injuries — both minor and major — occur.

Some of the potential dangers for your employees include back and neck sprains, trips, falls, and even crushings.

If you would like to make the loading and unloading process easier and safer for your team, EZ-ACCESS may have the solution for you: The TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp. What are the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp’s safety features that make it the product you want to purchase?

Whether your employees are loading or unloading equipment and packages from trailers, delivery trucks, storage units, loading docks, storage units, or construction sites, here are eight reasons why this portable loading ramp may just be the ramp your company has been needing:

1. The material

TRAVERSE Walk Ramps are manufactured out of lightweight, long-lasting aluminum that will be easy for most employees to lift and shift as necessary. The lightweight material also means that it can easily be transported. Just because it is lightweight, however, doesn’t mean the ramp isn’t strong. The solid, single-piece ramp, which comes completely pre-assembled, has been welded for maximum strength and durability. These ramps require little to no maintenance, will save your team time and even frustration.

2. The specs

With this ramp in place, you will be able to easily load and unload most items thanks to its 30.5” of usable width.

3. The portability

The great thing about the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp is that it is portable and able to facilitate the loading and unloading process over a variety of surfaces and in a variety of environmental conditions.

4. The built-in safety measures

There are several key safety measures in place that make TRAVERSE Walk Ramps safe for loading and unloading. These measures will help to ensure that your employees remain safe no matter the weather or the piece they are moving. Not only do the ramps feature an extruded, slip-resistant surface for maximum safety, but it also includes a full-width attached top transition plate for even weight distribution, as well as a 5.5” self-adjusting bottom transition plate that allows for smooth ramp-to-ground exchange. Finally, to reinforce all of those safety measures, the ramp includes a hook/strap safety attachment point that allows the Walk Ramp to be secured while loading. If you want to further ensure your employees are protected from injury, consider purchasing our Optional Wheel Kit, which can help reduce back strain. The kit assists in the handling of the ramp by allowing it to roll in place of being carried.

5. The versatility

We have ramps that will meet the needs of any business — or vehicle. TRAVERSE Walk Ramps are available in 4', 6', 8', 10', 12', and 14' lengths.

6. The benefits of buying from EZ-ACCESS

When you order a TRAVERSE Walk Ramp, you will not only receive a 3-year warranty on your purchase, you will also experience minimal downtown. Our ramps typically ship within 24-48 hours of the order being placed.

7. The installation

This ease of assembly is just another reason why TRAVERSE Walk Ramps make loading and unloading easy. The ramp is one piece, which means that there’s virtually no assembly required. The ramp can be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes.

8. The cost

The great thing about portable loading ramps is that they are typically much less expensive than a fixed loading ramp.

If you are ready to lighten your load and purchase the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp, do not hesitate to reach out to our team today. Our team can help meet all of your loading and unloading needs and answer any additional questions you may have about why TRAVERSE Walk Ramps make loading and unloading easy.

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