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Differences Between Home Access Lifts and Ramp Systems

The diagram and images below show the differences and similarities between a home access lift and a modular ramp system. Both of these types of products provide quick, easy, and reliable home access and help break down barriers for individuals with limited mobility. We are hopeful that this information can provide guidance when determining what access solution will best suit your needs. If you have any questions or would like to start the process for a quote, please reach out to our Customer Service team!

Home Access Lift going up and down vs two different models of the PATHWAY® 3G

Home Access Lifts


Modular Ramp System

They are fairly compact in size with a small footprint compared to the vertical distance they can travel.

Can be used at the main entrance of the home or a secondary entrance such as in the garage.

Highly customizable so that you can configure the system to suit your home’s entryway layout and rise requirements.

Ideal for use when space is limited such as in a garage or a tight pathway or porch that wouldn’t be able to accommodate a ramp system.

These solutions are for indoor or outdoor use. They are made with aluminum and can stand up to harsh environments.

You can customize the look of the ramp system with different handrail styles, surface options, and optional powder coating.

Plug‑N‑Play wiring technology makes installation quick and easy. The home access lift can be functional in a matter of hours.

Installation can usually be done by one person. With each piece being lightweight enough to handle, our home access lifts and ramp systems are the preferred product for technicians and installers.

Minimal tools are needed for installation and no concrete footers are needed so set up time is quick especially when compared to the time it takes to build a wood ramp.

Used especially when needing to reach higher entryways.

Different height and configuration options.

You can add on to the ramp system as much as need be to accommodate the height of the entrance.

Renting home access lifts is not as common as ramp rentals so this product is usually used as a permanent solution for long‑term needs.

Can be used as a permanent solution to provide access into and out of the home for many years to come.

Usually can be rented if the need is short‑term.

LED diagnostic indicator lights make troubleshooting a breeze.

Durable and low maintenance for years of worry‑free use.

All aluminum system with no electrical components.

Simply wheel, walk, or ride onto the platform and the lift will raise with the push of a button.

Both lifts and ramps can take you where you need to go by eliminating the barrier caused by entryway steps, raised porches, etc.

Requires wheeling, walking, or riding up and down the length of the ramp system.

These two types of products can be combined to work together. Home access lifts can meet a platform that is connected to the entry door. Secondary access can also be implemented by adding a ramp off of the platform or a set of steps.

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