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How to Keep Your Ramps Clear in the Winter

Winter weather can present a whole new set of challenges for businesses, schools, and other public establishments.

If your facilities utilize a mobility ramp to ensure everyone has the access they need, extra steps need to be taken to protect the safety of people using the ramp. EZ-ACCESS's commercial ramp solutions are made of durable aluminum, so your ramp won’t be damaged by the elements. But you still need to take steps to make sure your ramp is clear of ice, snow, and other debris for safe usage.

Snowy image that says When you know that inclement weather may be moving in, it’s time to act!

How to Prepare Your Aluminum Ramp for Winter Weather  

Whether your ramp is being used by customers at your business or by students and staff at your school, being prepared is the first step to making sure your ramp is ready for winter weather. When you know that inclement weather may be moving in, it’s time to act! Inclement weather can cause the buildup of snow, ice, dirt, and leaves. There are several products available that can prevent these materials from building up on your access ramp, which will make cleanup a lot easier the next time a winter storm hits.

Illustration of a shovel and a broom with thick bristles

Winter Weather Tools for Your Aluminum Ramp  

So, you know that winter weather is going to be impacting your area. What tools are you going to need to make sure you can clear away the snow and ice without damaging your ramp?

First, you’re going to need a shovel.

We recommend using a plastic shovel, rather than a metal one. Metal shovels can scratch or dent your ramp. Plastic shovels won’t cause this kind of damage to your aluminum ramp and will still allow you to clear snow quickly so there is a safer path to your entrance.

You can also invest in a broom with thick bristles.

These brooms can be used to clear light snow, but can also brush the rest of the snow debris off after you shovel. The broom’s bristles efficiently clear away the built-up snow in the grooves of your aluminum ramp, which further reduces risk to anyone using the ramp.

Illustration of a container of Ice Melt

Using Ice Melt on Your Aluminum Ramp  

You need to be careful with this one because some forms of ice melt can be corrosive and cause damage to your aluminum access ramp. We recommend using Magnesium Chloride, which is safe for your ramp and won’t cause any corrosion. Apply the ice melt liberally after you’ve cleared most of the snow and ice with your shovel and broom.

Using all of these techniques is the best way to ensure your ramp remains accessible, safe, and usable for anyone who needs to get to your business, school, or public location.  

If you need help finding the right accessibility solution to meet your needs, contact EZ-ACCESS to get started.

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