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Fall Safety Measures for People with Limited Mobility

Limited mobility issues affect people of every age group. Some people who suffer from limited mobility can move around and support their bodies with little help; and some people must use wheelchairs, canes, walkers, and other mobility assistance tools. 

EZ-ACCESS is here to help with your accessibility needs, whatever your level of mobility looks like, and today we are talking about fall prevention.

An Important Fall Prevention Guide for People with Limited Mobility

This helpful guide contains special tips for you or your loved one’s wheelchair safety and fall protection. Everyone should feel safe in their own homes, especially those with mobility issues! 

First and foremost, make sure your home is clutter-free and easy to move about in. Once that is taken care of, consider the following:

  • Is your home’s entrance easily accessible? If not, you may need to widen your entry door or install either a lift or ramp
  • Make sure you don’t fall or trip outside your house. Ask a friend or family member to take a good look around the perimeter of your house to make sure there are no large cracks, chips and breakages, or any raising or lowering of pavement surfaces that are creating dangerously uneven pavement patterns
  • The lighting in each room of your home needs to be easy to reach. Try motion sensor lighting, which requires no reaching for or accessibility to. Simply enter any room, and enjoy the no-touch lighting that instantly turns on
  • Is your furniture spread out enough so you can move around your home more easily and safely? Don’t experience a potentially dangerous fall because your furnishings are numerous and too closely spaced! Get rid of larger pieces that you don’t need, and ensure the furniture you do have is spaced out in way that enables safe movement throughout your house
  • If help is needed for getting into or out of your bed due to mobility limitations, make sure the bed is set up at just the right height for you. This helps moving into and out of bed much easier and helps reduce the risk of falls 
  • Probably the most important tip within this fall prevention guide for people with limited mobility regards safe bathing and toileting in your home. Bathrooms are where the majority of falls and accidents occur. You must be sure to have the proper bathing and toileting products if you or a loved one with mobility issues needs assistance with sitting down or getting up from the toilet. And getting into and out of the bathtub or shower is a very common future accident in the making! Whether for your mobility issues or a family member’s, prevent bathroom dangers and ensure fall prevention. We have excellent and easy-to-use bathroom fall safety and prevention products that are vitally important. 
  • ~Our Toilet Incline Lift, lifts and lowers individuals on and off the toilet with the push of a button, providing the independence needed to maintain dignity in the bathroom. By combining the functionality of a heavy duty commode and a lift chair, the lightweight and durable TILT offers an easy-to-use bathroom safety solution. 
  • ~The Bedside Shower is a portable overhead bedside shower. The safety-ensuring shower has been designed for use where a water source is unavailable, such as your bedside. This Bedside Shower holds more than 2 gallons of water-- an ample amount of water for a complete shampoo and rinse. 
  • ~The Hair Washing Basin can easily be paired with the EZ-SHOWER to offer a basin to catch the water from the EZ-SHOWER and offer patients an in-bed shampoo. It’s inflatable, which makes it incredibly portable and easy to use then stow away for its next use.
  • ~Check out even more bathroom safety solutions here.

No Matter Which Mobility Tools Are Needed to Improve Your, or a Loved One’s, Movement Restrictions -- We Have the Wheelchair Safety and Fall Prevention Products You Need

In almost every case, the proper safety modifications for fall prevention will likely require important updates and products within your home.

After all, the care and feeling of independence for you or a loved one is among your top concerns!

Explore our top-rated website for such important products as:

  • Ramps. Our variety of ramp options include angled, modular, portable, folding, and more styles.
  • Lifts. Discover our toilet incline lifts, patient transfer lifts, and others.
  • Mobility Limitation Accessories. Make everyday life a little easier with accessories like our Body Washing Basin, Hair Washing Tray, Wheelchair Underneath Carrier.

It’s common to have questions about mobility products. Please contact us to help answer any question you have. We’re here to help!

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