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Don't Fall into Bad Mobility Habits

The air is crisp, the leaves have changed, and our living rooms smell of pumpkin... it’s officially fall!

While it’s still a great time to get outside and enjoy some fresh air, eventually we’ll all make our way inside for the winter season. When an individual’s routine is disrupted and they’re encouraged to stay inside, it can be easy to fall into bad mobility habits. EZ-ACCESS is here to give mobility device users advice on staying active with home access solutions! Try out these tips this winter for a routine that can lend a hand to better physical and mental health.

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Don’t Limit Yourself to One Floor of Your House  

Many of our homes are not set up to accommodate individuals with limited mobility, so adjustments are necessary to ensure all levels of your home are accessible to everyone. Stair lifts are an excellent solution that allow people who use mobility devices to reach all levels of multi-level homes. Stair lifts come in a variety of lengths and configurations, so no matter the layout of your home, you can maintain access.

illustration of an interior doorway with a Transitions series product


Make Sure all Entrances are Easy and Safe to Use  

The doorways of your home can represent an unintended barrier for mobility devices. Changes in elevation are no problem for many people, but for individuals with limited mobility, doorways can present a unique challenge. EZ-ACCESS offers a wide range of accessibility solutions dedicated to improving access through doorways. For example, our TRANSITIONS® series has mats, ramps, and plates specifically designed to smooth out the transition through doorways with raised thresholds by offering an inclined surface that makes for safer entry and helps decrease tripping hazards.

illustration of an example of a clear walking path


Create a Clear Walking Path Around Your Home  

A home can have all the accessibility enhancements needed to accommodate individuals with limited mobility, but there are still potential accessibility impediments that can impact your home. Make sure there is a clear path throughout your home for any mobility devices, especially around doorways and highly frequented areas. Ensuring that simple, direct paths are accessible for mobility devices will go a long way in improving accessibility for your home as a whole.

illustration of the profile of a toilet seat lift


Provide Solutions to Assist Caregivers  

Many individuals with limited mobility require caregivers to assist them in performing day-to-day tasks. And while the caregivers are instrumental in providing care, they cannot do everything on their own. Ensuring your home has the right accessibility products is critical to assisting caregivers. EZ-ACCESS carries a wide range of residential accessibility solutions that can be used throughout your home to provide aid to caregivers, including toilet seat lifts to help lift and lower patients on to and off of the commode.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make your home more accessible, our nationwide network of durable medical equipment dealers can help you find the right solutions fit for your specific situation.

Utilize our dealer locator to find a dealer in your area who can meet your needs.

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