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Elevating Employee Productivity With Industrial Accessibility Upgrades

From manufacturing to construction, industrial occupations face physical and safety considerations that other settings do not. It’s important to provide individuals working in these settings with equipment that makes their jobs easier while also keeping them as safe as possible. EZ-ACCESS® has several products that can improve the working environment for those in industrial settings, fostering productivity and safety for all.


Indoors or outdoors, the FORTRESS OSHA Stair System provides teams with stable steps to ascend and descend without worry. Access commercial dumpsters, raised equipment, temporary trailers, massive generators, and elevated platforms without breaking a sweat when you have these stairs. With a rated load of 1000 lbs., the aluminum stairs are able to withstand the strain of hauling equipment or holding several people at once.

The adjustable legs and platform of the FORTRESS OSHA Stair System make it easy to adapt to uneven ground with minimal effort. When using it outdoors, this versatile feature comes in handy since natural ground is rarely level. Even in wet conditions, users will remain safe on the walking surfaces thanks to the permanent slip-resistant design made from extruded, ribbed aluminum. If you’re using the OSHA stairs outdoors, the optional canopy will protect people from harsh sun and heavy rain. Handrails are quick to install and will snap in place, whether you’re using the included single side rail or you opt for rails on both sides. The lightweight aluminum components are made in America, fit together quickly, and can be easily detached when you need to move the stairs elsewhere.

PATHWAY® HD Work Platforms

A solid, stable surface sets the stage to make work easier and safer. Anyone working in an industrial setting will tell you that level ground can be the difference in preventing an injury, and that’s what the PATHWAY HD Work Platform does. This customizable, modular solution can be configured in a variety of ingenious ways. Whether you need a slightly elevated surface that provides space underneath for cables and wires or you want a slip-resistant platform that eliminates worries about mud and roots, this is the product you’re looking for. The slip-resistant aluminum decking will help users stay sure-footed while getting work completed. As a modular system, it’s easy to design your PATHWAY HD Work Platform to include ramps and stairs as access points. Ramps are especially ideal for settings where equipment or carts are frequently moved on and off the system. With the help of the EZ-ACCESS team, the PATHWAY HD Work Platform offers endless possibilities for your plant, warehouse, or other industrial space.

Multi-Story Stairs

For the times when you need to get up to great heights, the PATHWAY HD Multi-Story Stairs might be the perfect answer. These aluminum stairs are designed to reach lofted areas, multiple levels, or elevated equipment in your industrial facility. Their natural corrosion resistance makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.

Our stairs are crafted with OSHA compliance in mind and can be customized to any other facility or code compliance needs when you work with our team. Platforms can be integrated at the bottom, top, and anywhere in between to accommodate your specific landing or access requirements. The handrails and vertical pickets along the length of the system ensure the safety of users with no open gaps to risk falls from heights. Manufactured right here in the United States, our Multi-Story Stairs will withstand nearly any conditions, including exposure to water, and are naturally non-combustible. While custom-designed, this product is easy to install due to its modular nature, letting you and your team get back to work quickly.

Curb and Threshold Ramps 

Even a small surface height change can interrupt efficient work. Curbs, ledges, and other uneven spaces can be a barrier to moving equipment, pushing carts, or carrying heavy materials. In these cases, a product that helps transition between the two surfaces can make work easier. EZ-ACCESS has several industrial threshold ramps that may fit your needs: 

  • TRAVERSE™ Curb Plate: This single, solid plate will transform a curb into a miniature ramp, making it easy to push or pull equipment. Whether you’ve got a hand truck full of boxes or a heavy piece of rolling equipment, no curb will stop you. This device will transition surfaces up to 5.75” tall and requires no assembly. Just place it where you need it and keep working! It can stay where you put it, or you can store it when not in use. The Curb Plate’s portability makes it perfect for positions that require constant movement. It is ideal for job sites that have changing access points and requirements throughout the workday.
  •  TRANSITIONS® Angled Entry Mat: Doorways frequently have a small height difference compared to the adjoining ground. Not only can this be a tripping hazard, but it can make the movement of equipment difficult. Even an inch can be the difference in getting something smoothly through the doorway versus needing help to lift a cart over the hump. The TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Mat is a recycled rubber mat that has a smooth change in grade, spanning the height difference immediately. It won’t give way under heavy weight and is meant for high-traffic spaces. Available in both 1.5” and 2.5” heights, it can be trimmed to fit doorways of various shapes. The rubber surface is naturally slip-resistant in both indoor and outdoor settings. 
  • TRANSITIONS® Modular Entry Mat: If you’re looking for a sloped rubber entry mat that can accommodate higher and wider spaces, this is the solution for you. With optional risers, the TRANSITIONS Modular Entry Mat can bridge doorway heights up to 4.75”. For wider areas, mats can be placed side by side to make a broader ground-to-sill transition. The rubber will have a long lifespan, even in the presence of heavy use. Grab a reciprocating saw, razor knife, or hand saw to make notches in the mat as needed.

Loading Areas

Industrial facilities may face frequent loading and unloading on a daily basis. Tractor trailers may back in and out to bays or decks to have materials transferred, and your facility needs configuration to make that both safe and simple. This is where the PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System comes into play. Intermix walkways, ramps, and stairs to create the perfect accessibility solution for loading and unloading. Use the aluminum platforms to create a level deck extending from the building to where trailers back up. The height can be set based on where most container floors are, creating an easy glide from one surface to the other when loading and unloading. Add on an industrial loading ramp to create access to the ground level without having to detour elsewhere in the facility. For those facilities that do extensive shipping and receiving, these customized configurations can solve a world of logistical problems.

Portable Loading Ramps

Sometimes, you need a ramp that goes with you. Maybe you’re taking materials between facilities, or maybe you’re handling deliveries. Portable ramps have the unique benefit of easing the work without significant setup. EZ-ACCESS has portable ramps for work that can meet your needs:

  • TRAVERSE™ Singlefold Ramp: Available in lengths from 2’ to 8’, this folding ramp boasts handles that make transportation easy. Quick to set up, it will make loading and unloading from different surfaces a simple task. Like our other ramps, the aluminum surface is designed to be slip-resistant. It can be ordered with or without an edge to best suit your needs. 
  • TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp: This heavy-duty portable ramp is made for tough conditions. Available in lengths up to 10’, the TRAVERSE Walk Ramp requires no assembly so you’re able to use it immediately on delivery.

Partnering With EZ-ACCESS for Industrial Needs

Custom accessibility designs are our specialty. No matter what kind of industrial business or operation you have, EZ-ACCESS is here to smooth the way. As your first point of contact, our Customer Service team will listen to your needs, help gather details about what your goals are, and get you connected with our Research and Development team. From there, we’ll craft customized solutions that match your vision and even surpass it. We’ll use key measurements and criteria to guide the blueprints, and once you confirm the final design, our Manufacturing team will begin crafting. Our products are made in America, so your shipment comes directly from our facilities in the heart of the country. With the majority of our products being built from aluminum, they are resistant to corrosion and require minimal maintenance. When you own, operate, or manage an industrial space, you will appreciate having less facility upkeep on your plate!

Industrial work deserves every bit of safety, ease, and ingenuity it can get to make everyone’s lives better. EZ-ACCESS is ready to partner with you to craft custom solutions for your facility. Reach out to us and give your facility the upgrades it deserves.

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