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Code Compliant Ramp System Uses

Code compliant ramp systems can consist of many different parts, including ramps, platforms, handrails, and stairs. These all-inclusive modular access systems are designed to ensure that individuals can enter a building or business safely. When you are looking to purchase a code compliant ramp, you want to ensure the system you are looking to purchase is compliant with ADA, IBC, OSHA, and local code guidelines. If you have never purchased a ramp system before, you may have many questions about selecting the right one for your building or business. Learning more about modular access systems can help you in the selection process.

What Is a Modular Access System?

When people think of a modular access system, they most commonly think of the ramps that are placed outside of a store to accommodate those who may be using a walker or wheelchair. However, while a ramp is part of a modular access system, it is not the only part. These types of systems are made up of ramps, platforms, handrails, and stairs. If your building is not flush with the ground, you may be required by law to have a code compliant ramp in place to ensure anyone can gain access to your building during normal business hours. However, adding a platform to offer a landing space at the top and maybe a stair system off to the side for dual access is made possible with a modular access system, making them incredibly versatile and a well-rounded solution.

What Are the Uses for Code Compliant Modular Access Systems?

The number one use for a code compliant modular access system is to allow individuals safe access into your building. Whether it be a small ramp at the front of your door or a combination of stairs, ramps, and platforms, all access systems are designed to allow individuals safe entry. Access systems may also need to be in place to ensure you are compliant with building and code guidelines, as well as ADA, IBC, and OSHA guidelines. If you fail to have the proper access system in front of your building, you may be fined or may face lawsuits. Having the right accessibility system that is up to par allows people to access your building safely while helping you to avoid fines and lawsuits.

What Are the Advantages of Code Compliant Modular Access Systems?

The uses for and the advantages of a code compliant modular access system are very similar. One advantage of a code compliant modular access system is that people are able to safely access your store or business, while also helping you to avoid fines and lawsuits. In addition to this, having an access system can make getting deliveries to your store much easier. If you have a ramp in place, delivery companies can wheel your inventory inside the building without having to lift it. Access systems can also have slip-resistant walkways, which helps to minimize the risk of slip-and-fall accidents in icy or wet conditions.

What Factors Can Affect Modular Access System Pricing?    

When you are looking to have a modular access system installed, one of the questions you may have pertains to pricing. There are many factors that affect pricing, including:

The Material the Access System Is Made From

Modular access systems can be made from different types of metal, including steel and aluminum. Aluminum is most times the best option, and the smartest investment option. Aluminum does not rust or corrode like steel does, making it an easy-to-maintain material and one that won’t need costly repairs or replacing over time.

The Length of the System

The length of your access system, and the number of parts needed to construct the system, play a massive role in your overall cost. If you only need one small ramp, your cost is going to be significantly less than someone that needs 10 different ramp sections and platforms to build their accessible entryway.

Modular ramps, modular stairs, and modular platforms can be connected to create a safe and convenient entrance into your building or business. Using the right parts and pieces allows you to construct an access system that allows individuals with all different levels of mobility to enter your building safely and easily. At EZ-ACCESS, our team can help you design and create an ADA ramp system fit for your location. Reach out to us today and let's get started on a system that best suits your specifications and needs.

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