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All in for Aluminum: Benefits of Aluminum for Your Business

Aluminum, steel, concrete, and wood are the most common materials considered when adding a ramp or stairs to your business.

But with all of these choices, how can you decide which material will be the most beneficial in the long run? Whether you own a warehouse, a factory, or something in-between, we at EZ-ACCESS are confident that aluminum is going to give you the most bang for your buck.

Here are a few reasons why:

Reason 1

Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can break down aluminum.  

Aluminum naturally is corrosion-resistant, which protects your newly installed ramp system and/or stairs from the elements. Whether it is fully submerged by flood waters or covered in snow for the season, you can rest assured that your access solution won’t rust or corrode. This is going to save you money on repairs and upkeep, giving you peace of mind.

Reason 2

If you can’t stand the heat, build with aluminum.

Another great property of aluminum is its thermal efficiency. It can reduce heat transmission by up to 49°F. This keeps surfaces cool while also preventing singed hands in the hot summer sun.

    Reason 3

    Keep things squeaky clean with products you can find under the sink.

    Many outdoor structures need multiple solutions and methods to keep them clean. From chemicals to pressure washing, there often is not a simple solution to maintaining that brand new look. Aluminum, however, is simple to clean. With a mix of water and regular dish soap, you can keep your ramp system and/or stairs looking new year round.

    Reason 4

    No need to sound the alarms, fire safety is a non-issue.  

    Especially important inside factories or buildings that use heat to manufacture products, fire safety is crucial to maintaining not only employee safety but also protecting your business. Aluminum is classified as a non-combustible construction material that does not burn. You would have to reach temperatures of 1100-1200°F in order to melt aluminum. Even if things did get that hot, melting aluminum does not release harmful gases.

    Overall, EZ-ACCESS believes that aluminum is the best choice when considering ramps or stairs for your commercial and industrial business.

    Whether you need a sturdy and reliable set of stairs or a dependable and efficient ramp, we have the durable products you need.

    Contact us today and see how we can customize these products for you!

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