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Precious Cargo: Tips for Loading and Unloading Your Equipment

While it may not be an actual baby on board, we know the equipment you’re hauling is important to you. While transporting your precious cargo is one thing, we know loading and unloading equipment can be a different beast. To help ensure your loading and unloading processes are smooth, you’ll want to remember these tips.

Tip No. 1: Prepare Your Trailer or Truck for the Haul

Whether the trip is short or long, it’s important to take the right precautions when it comes to transporting your equipment. Don’t forget things like tie-down straps, blankets to prevent rubbing, and if you’re pulling a trailer, don’t forget to check all of your connections to ensure lights work properly.

Tip No. 2: Loading Safely

You should always aim to load on a flat, level surface to prevent rolling or movement of the trailer. You should never lift more than you can handle to prevent strain and injury. Be sure to utilize a ramp like the TRAVERSE™ Singlefold Edgeless Ramp or the TRAVERSE™ Walk Ramp. These can easily be put in place to eliminate elevated surfaces such as truck beds or trailers by creating an inclined surface. They can also handle various sized loads, making them the perfect loading solution.

Tip No. 3: Getting to Your Destination

Make sure everything is secured for transport before taking off. You wouldn’t want anything to fall over or break during your trip. Heed caution when driving and turning, and always use your signals to indicate to other drivers that you may be slowing down or changing lanes.

Tip No. 4: Unloading Safely

Whew! You’ve made it to your destination, everything stayed in place and it’s been a smooth ride. Let’s continue that by using your TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless or Walk Ramp to unload your precious cargo. Just like when you were loading, these tips can help keep your from straining yourself and causing injury. Simply put your ramp into place and use your dolly or team to help move lawn mowers, furniture, four-wheelers, and anything else you may need to transport. Loading and unloading your truck or trailer doesn’t have to be a worrisome hassle with the right equipment and safety precautions.

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