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Accessorize for Fall: Find the Right Mobility Accessories to Support Your Lifestyle

Do you ever get ready to head out the door only to realize you need to bring more items than you can carry or fit on your lap?

It happens to mobility device users all of the time, especially when the device doesn’t have much storage space, but it’s still a nuisance. Avoid dropping and losing your personal belongings by finding accessories that fit your lifestyle. To make things easy, here are a few mobility accessories that help alleviate everyday frustrations.

Image of the Wheelchair Underneath Carrier

Wheelchair Underneath Carrier

This accessory is a large mesh canopy that attaches underneath your wheelchair. It’s perfect for larger objects like books or packages, because it keeps the extra weight at the center of your chair. If your books or packages are heavy, keeping them in an evenly distributed location will prevent the difficulties of an unbalanced chair. It also prevents you, or someone helping you, from straining one side of the body trying to overcompensate for uneven weight distribution. Just slide your belongings underneath your seat and forget about the stress!

Image of the Scooter and Power Chair packs

Scooter and Power Chair Packs

A pack on the back of your wheelchair is great for keeping personal items within reach. You can zip up items like your phone or wallet in a secure spot that no one can see, so you feel safe about storing it on your chair or scooter. You can also safely store your technology in a backpack much easier than you can carry it. When an item, like a computer, is on your lap or in an underneath carrier, it is likely to slip before anyone has time to catch it. Find a chair pack that protects your valuable items, but is also easy to use.

Image of the Walker Carryon

Walker Carryon

It’s necessary to have both hands on your walker as you move around. Otherwise, each step becomes unstable and you’re likely to take an unfortunate tumble. However, it’s realistic to assume there are items you want to take with you as you walk from one spot to another. That’s where a walker carryon comes in handy. Just slide it on the front (large size) or the side (small size) of your walker and bring lightweight items with you wherever you want to go.

Convenience doesn’t need to be complicated.

If you’re frustrated with the amount of items you need to leave behind, or the number of trips you need to take to grab your belongings, consider snagging yourself a mobility accessory to make everyday tasks easier.

Check out all of our mobility accessories or call us today with any questions!

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