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What are the uses of a TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramp

The TRAVERSE™ Singlefold Edgeless Ramp is ideal for loading or moving wider pieces of equipment with inset wheels.

The ramp’s curbless design makes it easy to load and unload bigger cargo or machinery such as riding lawn mowers without having to be concerned with clearing raised siderails. 

This portable loading ramp is made of lightweight aluminum so it's easy to set up, move around, and stow away. It folds one time, so it can become half its width (15.5”) when needing to transport/stow it, and its built-in handles help you carry it around with ease. It’s convenient to put the ramp inside of your truck or trailer along with the equipment and have it available when you are ready to unload. This ramp is just another necessary tool to keep on hand to save your back and ultimately make loading and unloading a breeze!

Keep reading to see how TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramps are used to load wider equipment easily.

What is a TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramp

The TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramp is made of heavy-duty aluminum and boats up to a 1,600 lb. weight capacity (dependent on the length of ramp purchased), so it will handle a wide variety of equipment. The unique hinge runs the full length of the ramp, which helps ensure the product is strong and safe by dispersing the heavy load throughout the entire ramp, rather than on two hinge points. 

This loading ramp comes in lengths of 2, 4, 6, and 8 feet so you can select the right size for your application, whether that be loading equipment into and out of a truck bed, trailer, or shed. Its overall width is just under 31” so you’ll need to make sure your equipment’s wheels are within that span if using the ramp as one piece. However, a great feature of this ramp is that it can separate into two sections to load wider equipment, so you are not bound by its 31” width. 

Much like a majority of EZ-ACCESS ramps, the Singlefold Edgeless has an extruded slip-resistant surface for superior traction. This lends a hand to the ramp being able to stand up to the rigors of repeated, everyday use.

The reason most people choose this ramp is for its design and versatility. The edgeless ramp makes loading wider equipment much easier because of the curbless design and the ability to make the ramp into two separate pieces. It’s durable enough to do the job, but it’s lightweight design gives it even more value when needing to move it from one spot to the next. 

How TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramps are used to load wider equipment easily

Using the Singelfold Edgeless Ramp is very easy and straightforward. Following the simple steps outlined in the instruction manual will allow you to load and unload in just minutes!

Here is a quick overview of the set up instructions:

  1. Place the ramp on the landing in the folded position, making sure that the top lip transition plate is resting securely on the support surface. 
  2. Unfold the ramp and ensure that both top lip transition plates are fully overlapping the supporting surface.


  1. The ramp is equipped with a safety attachment point underneath the upper portion of the ramp as a method of securing the ramp when in use. Use a strap, chain, or rope (not supplied) to securely attach the ramp to a vehicle or other structure when in use to prevent the top lip transition plate from slipping off the supporting surface. 
  2. In addition to the safety attachment point, secure the top lip transition plate of the ramp to the supporting surface with clevis pins (or other appropriate fasteners) to prevent the top lip transition plate from slipping when in use.

If wanting to separate the ramp into two sections: 

  1. Remove the long flat head Phillips screws in both ends of the ramp side rail on one half of the ramp and slide the ramp half off the flexible hinge.
  2. To reassemble, slide the disconnected half of the ramp back onto the flexible hinge (use soapy water to lubricate if needed). Then, reinstall the two long flat head Phillips screws into the gap between the flexible hinge and the hinge channel in the ramp side rail.

Using the ramp as one piece or two pieces will come down to how wide the wheelbase of your equipment is. If it is less than 30.962”, using the ramp as one piece is probably ideal. Anything wider than that, you’d need to separate the loading ramp into two pieces. 

Safety matters

When considering using a TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramp to load any sort of equipment, cargo, etc., it is important to always put safety first.

Pay attention to the weight rating! These ramps are made of heavy-duty aluminum and can withstand a lot, but there are limits that should never be exceeded. For the 2-foot ramp, 1,600 pounds is the maximum. As the length of the ramp increases, the weight rating decreases down to 1,000 pounds for the 8-foot ramp. Also, note the weight rating when the ramp is separated and you are utilizing only one piece.

Ensure that there is plenty of room to move around at the top and bottom of the ramp. You may use either end of the ramp for the top or bottom, but it’s important that there is ample space at both ends to properly maneuver your equipment.

It is also important to make sure the top lip pate fully overlaps the surface you are loading onto. The bottom also needs to be secure and stable. 

Use the ramp only if ice, snow, wet leaves and/or other debris, which may decrease traction and increase the risk of slipping, have been removed from the ramp.

How steep the ramp is when it’s being used is another key safety factor to pay close attention to. Determining proper slope when loading and unloading will help ensure the safety of both persons and the equipment, cargo, etc. that’s being loaded. This is why we offer a variety of lengths so that you can choose the one that best matches your needs.

If you would like additional information on our TRAVERSE Singlefold Edgeless Ramp that is great for loading and unloading lawn and garden equipment, quads, bulky household items, and so much more, be sure to visit our website!

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