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Vertical Platform Lifts Make Life Easier for the Disabled

How residential vertical platform lifts make life easier for the disabled

Vertical platform lifts are a great tool for making life easier for those with mobility issues. These lifts provide an alternative to ramps, staircases, and elevators, and can be used in your own home. They are designed to help people with disabilities access upper floors or areas of a home that may otherwise be difficult or impossible to reach.

Sometimes referred to as a “porch lift”, vertical platform lifts feature a platform, which is typically enclosed within walls on all four sides. The platform rests upon an elevator-style base that is controlled either manually or through the use of remote control devices. This allows users to ascend and descend between levels without having to navigate stairs or ramps. Many models come equipped with additional features such as handrails, obstruction detectors, and emergency stop functions, which can add an extra level of security to the lift.

Vertical platform lifts can be installed in a variety of locations, such as outside of the home at an entrance, inside the garage, or even inside the residence. They are also available in a range of sizes and styles so they can fit in the allowable space and accommodate the user’s needs. Their footprint is relatively small, which can offer immense benefits when space is a concern. This is especially of value when the height of the entrance is significant since a ramp or other mode of access would require much more space.

Clearly, vertical platform lifts offer numerous advantages for people with disabilities. By providing an easy way to access upper floors or areas that may otherwise be inaccessible, these lifts help give individuals more freedom and independence in their everyday lives. Plus, they provide added peace of mind by making it easier for those with mobility issues to navigate their surroundings without worrying about potential hazards or obstacles. All of these benefits make vertical platform lifts an invaluable tool for anyone who needs assistance with mobility. EZ-ACCESS has named their vertical platform lift the PASSPORT® because these units truly provide their users a passport to their next destination. A freedom those with limited mobility should be able to experience. 

In short, vertical platform lifts are an excellent option for those looking to improve accessibility in or around their home. These lifts offer numerous advantages that make life easier and more convenient for everyone involved.

Benefits of a vertical platform lift

• Easily access upper floors or areas that may be otherwise inaccessible

• Can be used in several different areas of the home 

• Handrails and other safety features are built into the design to offer security and convenience

• An affordable alternative to large ramps and elevators

• Little upkeep and maintenance required over time

Accessibility and features 

Vertical platform lifts simply provide a convenient and safe way for those with mobility issues to access upper floors or areas of their home that would otherwise be inaccessible. By utilizing an elevator-style base and walls on all four sides, a platform is created that allows users to ascend and descend between levels without having to navigate stairs or ramps. This is all done with the simple push of a button. Additionally, many models of vertical platform lifts have features and settings that allow users to customize the experience based on their individual needs and preferences.

Accessing upper floors or areas using vertical platform lifts provides individuals with greater freedom and independence in their everyday lives. Without having to worry about potential hazards or obstacles, these lifts allow those with disabilities to comfortably move throughout their surroundings. Furthermore, the lift’s ease of use means that users can operate them independently. This makes accessing different levels much easier than if relying on traditional methods such as ramps or stairs.

In addition to providing greater accessibility, vertical platform lifts can also be a cost-effective solution when compared to large ramp systems and elevators. Not only is their installation typically faster and more affordable, they also require little upkeep and maintenance, making them an economical choice over time. Furthermore, they come in a variety of sizes and styles, ensuring that they fit the specifications of each home they’re installed in. As such, vertical platform lifts provide an attractive option for improving accessibility at or within the property.

Overall, vertical platform lifts are great tools for helping those with disabilities access areas that would otherwise be inaccessible due to mobility issues. With so many features and benefits, these lifts provide users with increased freedom and independence while also providing an economical solution for improving accessibility.

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