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Customized Code Compliant Modular Access System

Access to a building is not always guaranteed for every worker or visitor. However, as an employer, manager, or even homeowner, you can ensure that everyone will be able to access your building easily by installing an EZ-ACCESS all-aluminum modular ramp system.

To ensure that yours is the type of system that caters to all individuals, you can install a durable permanent or temporary customized code compliant system fit for your location. 

You can choose from different configurations for your access system.

The EZ-ACCESS PATHWAY® HD Code Compliant Modular Access System is a component-based ramp system that allows you to combine and configure our platforms, ramps, stairs, handrails, etc. in an infinite number of ways to truly create the exact access solution you need. 

If you have a particularly difficult location or you have a long list of requirements, our team can help put together a system that checks the boxes and gets the job done. The layout and shape of the design will be customized to fit your site’s specific needs. 

A great advantage of a modular access system is that it can also be reconfigured to meet your changing needs or circumstances. This isn’t attainable when constructing ramps or other access solutions from materials such as wood, which is why each of our components are made of aluminum and we have universal hardware and connectors to make set up, tear down, and set up again, easy as ever.

The systems are constructed from a strong and durable material.

A high percentage of our customized code compliant modular access systems are for the exterior of a building. This means they need to be weather-resistant and long-lasting. To ensure this, all of our access systems are made from high-grade aluminum.

Not only is aluminum resistant to most weather, but it is also lightweight, which makes the modular sections easy to handle and install. 

Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion and will last for years without needing to be maintained. It is a naturally non-combustible material, which makes the system even more valuable.

All the access systems have a slip-resistant tread.

It is essential that anyone using a ramp feels secure in every aspect. The modular ramp systems we supply are made with our slip-resistant, raised-rib tread that ensures a firm grip for any shoe. 

The key to the tread is the use of deep knurling. This process results in a patterned surface, ensuring cross-directional tracking and helping to prevent slippage. The design ensures a surface that grips in all weather conditions.

Installation of the system is easy and quick.

The beauty of a modular access system is that it is easy to install. The system comes in a series of pieces, or components, that are fitted together perfectly. The installation is done on-site with minimal tools required.

The design of all our access systems allows for different configurations. You can literally change the system to suit your exact needs and it will still be just easy to install because they’re all made of the same basic modular components .

The modular nature of the access system also means that you can relocate it as necessary, add to it, or remove sections that are no longer needed.

You can rest assured that your access system will be shipped to you smartly.

All of our modular access system components, such as platforms, ramp sections, etc., are made from aluminum, which is relatively lightweight. The components are easy to stack and pack onto pallets and into trucks. 

This makes shipping and delivery of the system quick and easy. In fact, you can expect an access system following one of our standard configurations to ship within 24 to 48 hours of purchase.

If the system has specialized components or if your order is of exceptional demand, it may take a little longer for our team to carefully craft and package that up for you. Whatever you need, you can expect efficient and quick delivery every time.

Access systems are compliant and meet your relevant requirements.

You can rest assured that the quality of your code compliant modular access system is of the highest standard. This is because we make sure that the systems comply with all the requirements of ADA, IBC, and OHSA. 

We also make sure that our systems comply with most local code guidelines, so you can be sure that your system passes with flying colors. 


For queries about a customized modular ramp system or other access solutions that utilize our modular platforms, stairs, etc., contact EZ-ACCESS today. EZ-ACCESS is the leader in developing and supplying all styles of modular access systems. Submit a contact form or reach out via phone or email to EZ-ACCESS’ knowledgeable representatives who can help guide you to the right solution.

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