Top Tips for College When Using a Wheelchair

Top Tips for College When Using a Wheelchair

Preparing for your college debut can be nerve-wracking! With the start of fall classes quickly approaching, the pressure is on to prepare yourself physically and mentally for the collegiate challenges ahead. If you or your child is starting this transition away from home, you’re not alone. The team at EZ-ACCESS is here to provide major and minor tips for this huge milestone.

Know Your Rights

A major tip for students with disabilities entering college is to become aware of their rights and responsibilities under the law. A great place to start is the Americans with Disabilities Act which prohibits discrimination of students with disabilities. If you feel discriminated against or feel there is a barrier in your learning that could be addressed, know how to speak up about it and contact the appropriate campus individuals.

Know Your Abilities

In grade school, your parents and your teachers were in charge of identifying functional limitations that came up during the school day. In college, however, that responsibility now rests on your shoulders. Students with disabilities will need to be prepared to self-identify limitations in addition to creating an atmosphere for themselves that is conducive to their learning. Parents have limited access to their child’s records, status, and schedule unless granted by the student. Have a talk with your family to determine what solutions may work best for you.

Know Your Support

Before college classes start, both you and your parents should walk through what support systems are in place. Most colleges and universities offer disability services that will be available to discuss campus and community support, clubs, learning opportunities, adaptive technology, and techniques to adjust a schedule for easier access throughout the day. College can be a great experience for all students no matter their abilities or limitations. 

Being vocal, knowledgeable, and connected can help maximize your learning environment and how you experience college. When it comes to accessibility, explore all that EZ-ACCESS has to offer in portable ramps, wheelchair packs, and more!

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