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Tips for Buying a Toilet Incline Lift

Toilets lift seats are also called toilet lift chairs. They are mobility products used in residential bathrooms. These lifts are designed to support individuals while moving from a standing position to a sitting position or a sitting position to an upright position. The best part about a toilet seat lift is that they can provide users with the necessary assistance to independently use the bathroom.

Let's look at some tips for buying a toilet incline lift. There are a lot of raised toilet seats and lifts for sale on the market, but if you want the best one for your money, check out the EZ-ACCESS TILT® Incline Lift. It is superior to many toilet lifts and boasts a variety of features and benefits. 

How a Toilet Incline Lift Works

This toilet lift- lifts the individual on and off the toilet, allowing them the privacy, independence, and dignity they deserve while using the bathroom.

The lift combines the functionality of a heavy-duty commode with a lift chair. It gently lifts and lowers individuals on to and off of the toilet in 15-20 seconds and lifts/lowers to their natural body movement for ultimate stability. This toilet provides an easy-to-use solution for elderly people or any disabled person who needs assistance and additional safety measures in the bathroom.          

This toilet lift has a handheld control for raising and lowering the lift seat, which makes it easy to use for both the individual or their caregiver to operate. Two models of the lift are available: A corded power model and a battery powered model. The battery powered unit comes in handy in the event of a power outage. Just be sure to keep the battery charged.


The toilet incline lift comes with an easy-to-understand and follow instruction manual and a step-by-step installation video can be followed for a helpful visual guide while installing the unit. If you are not mechanically inclined or prefer to have the toilet lift installed by a professional, you can call a handyman to install the toilet lift.

The lift attaches directly to your toilet bowl after removing the existing toilet seat, and a standard or elongated seat can be selected when ordering the unit to match the style of the existing seat that will be replaced with the TILT seat. Again, the ability to take yourself to the bathroom is huge and is centered around independence and dignity, two things every person needs.

Who Could Use a Toilet Incline Lift

A toilet lift is usually found in the bathroom of an elderly or disabled person's home. Whatever the reason, if an individual has mobility problems, they are going to likely benefit from a lift.

As people get older, the ability to go from sitting to standing and standing to sitting becomes more difficult. It is part of the aging process as things like lower extremity weakness and joint pain are expected. Progressive and degenerative diseases such as MS can also cause this and make everyday activities like toileting challenging. A toilet incline lift is a great added safety measure for anyone that has difficulty with the sit-to-stand motion.

Benefits of a Toilet Incline Lift

  • Sturdy and durable — gives the person a sense of security using the lift.
  • The lift is easy to install, and if you cannot install it yourself, it will not cost much to have it installed by a professional as it is a quick job.
  • The person has complete control of the lift. They can stop it in any position with the handheld remote.
  • The lift is easy to operate, it has handles to hold on to for extra safety and a feeling of security.
  • It is compatible with your existing toilet.
  • Anyone can use the toilet. If you only have one bathroom, the lift seat will not affect anyone else using the toilet.

For more information on toilet incline lifts, you can visit the EZ-ACCESS website or contact them directly. Their staff is friendly and educated, and they can put you in contact with a durable medical equipment provider in your area that can assist with evaluating your home for a toilet incline lift.

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