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Different Types Of Threshold Ramps

Mobility gives you the freedom to be where you want, whether it's accessing your home, taking a trip to your doctor’s office, or visiting a friend. It becomes an uphill task to enjoy the freedom of movement and doing what you love if you're physically challenged and without the proper assistive devices. Barriers such as raised door thresholds wreak havoc on so many people who rely on mobility devices or have balance and stability issues. 

For these reasons, EZ-ACCESS seeks to make life easy, convenient, and safe for everyone by offering a wide range of threshold ramps to cater to walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, and more.

Wondering what type of threshold ramp may be most useful to you? Here are several types that we supply.

Types of Threshold Ramps 

1. Aluminum Angled Entry Plate

EZ-ACCESS aluminum threshold plates come in three different sizes and are suitable for a 2” or less threshold. These one-piece, simple plates are cost-effective, robust, and lightweight. Although incredibly lightweight, they are also sturdy and can carry a load weighing up to 700 pounds, making it fit to handle many mobility devices. 

The plate also features a textured slip-resistant surface that offers superior traction in all sorts of weather conditions. You can start using the plate in seconds as it doesn’t have any extra parts or pieces; just set it in place and it’s ready to help you get across that threshold. If you do wish to secure it in it’s permanent place, holes are pre-drilled and hardware is included.

To determine if this product is suitable for your door, see specifications below: 

   8” x 32” accommodates thresholds up to 1.3125”

   10” x 32” accommodates thresholds up to 1.625”

   12” x 32” accommodates thresholds up to 2”

2. Aluminum Angled Entry Ramp

One of our most popular threshold ramps is the TRANSITIONS Angled Entry Ramp. Made of aluminum, it has a permanent non-slip surface, is waterproof, and resistant to rust. 

The most important and loved feature of this threshold ramp that makes it incredibly versatile is its adjustability. The independently adjustable feet can adapt to your threshold by simply screwing the legs in or out. The feet also swivel to accommodate potentially uneven areas of the surface that the ramp is set on. 

This specific ramp comes in three sizes and can be used to smooth out door thresholds up to 5.875” high. To determine which size that you would need for your door, review what size accommodates what threshold rises below:

   12” x 36.25” accommodates thresholds ranging from 1.375” to 2.75”

   24” x 36.25” accommodates thresholds ranging from 1.6875” to 4.375”

   36” x 36.25” accommodates thresholds ranging from 3.3125” to 5.875”

The ramp has two pre-drilled holes for secure attachment at your front, side, or back door, and has a weight capacity of 700 pounds. Overall, being weather-and slip-proof makes them ideal for internal and external use. Additionally, our lifetime warranty guarantees you durability, longevity, and dependability.

3. Aluminum Modular Entry Ramp

The all-aluminum modular entry ramp is a standalone, simple solution for your raised door thresholds. It’s easy to assemble and by sliding sections together, you’ll have a ramp that’s ready to offer a smooth transition through your doorway. 

Its slip-resistant tread means that it’s weather-friendly and offers safe access into and out of your home. The ramp carries up to 700 pounds and is 34” wide to suit most doorways. This modular ramp also comes in a wide range of sizes and has an adjustable flap that can be added to the top to offer an additional .25” of height.

To help find the ramp that is the right fit for you, here are the available sizes and the rises they accommodate: 

   6.5” x 34” accommodates thresholds ranging from .75” to 1.25”

   9.5” x 34” accommodates thresholds ranging from 1.25” to 1.75”

   12” x 34” accommodates thresholds ranging from 1.75” to 2.25”

   17” x 34” accommodates thresholds ranging from 2.75” to 3.25”

   22.25” x 34” accommodates thresholds ranging from 3.75” to 4.25”

   27.5” x 34” accommodates thresholds ranging from 4.75” to 5.25”

   32.75” x 34” accommodates thresholds ranging from 5.75” to 6.25”

This indoor or outdoor ramp can be picked up and set at a new location if you move or have another door that needs to be made accessible. It’s lightweight and one of our simplest solutions. 

4. Rubber Angled Entry Mat

Our rubber threshold ramps are also popular because of their varied styles, affordable cost, and material. Made from recycled tires, rubber threshold ramps are durably built and last a long time. Their one-piece design also makes for easy installation, and their heavy duty nature allows them to stay in place unlike most welcome mats. 

With two sizes available in three different colors, there are options to accommodate your thresholds up to 2.5”.

    14” x 40” accommodates thresholds up to 1.5” and is available in black, grey, and brown

    25” x 43” accommodates thresholds up to 2.5” and is available in black, grey, and brown

These mats can be trimmed to accommodate lower thresholds than 2.5” and 1.5” so that you can achieve a perfect fit. These mats can hold up to 850 pounds and are an attractive, yet safe addition to your doorway. Discover the rubber threshold mat that matches your specifications and style.

5. Rubber Modular Entry Mat

Just like our rubber angled entry mat, our rubber modular entry mat is made of recycled rubber and is durably built to offer you ease of access into and out of your home for years to come. The biggest difference between our two rubber mats is that this one is modular, which means that you can add pieces to it to make it bigger. The mat is 24” x 48” and can accommodate heights up to 2.5” (can be trimmed down if a lower rise is needed). Risers and an additional mat can be added to reach heights up to 4.75”.

How You Can Use Our Threshold Inclines

Door Threshold Ramps

Durable and lightweight, our door threshold ramps, mats, and plates are suitable for raised landings, sliding glass doors, and doorways. Their goal is to eliminate the dangerous trip hazard caused by uneven levels around and inside of your home. Our line of threshold ramps carries the brand name TRANSITIONS for a reason; each has been designed to smooth the transition through doorways with raised thresholds. 

We aim to give everyone mobility freedom, including cane, walker, wheelchair, scooter, and power chair users. Installing one or even multiple of our threshold ramps can break down barriers and make entering and exiting your or a loved ones home both safe and convenient.

How to Select the Right Threshold Ramp

Now that you're aware of the diverse threshold ramps that we supply, and where they can be used around your home, you may still be wondering how to choose the right one. Here’s what to consider.

  • The weight the ramp can carry. Can it accommodate you and your mobility device?
  • The fit. Is the length, width, and height suitable for your doorway?
  • The weather and environmental conditions where you're located. Can it withstand rain, snow, dirt, etc.?
  • The installation. How quick and simple is it? Is it permanent or temporary?
  • The appearance. Do you have a preference for the material and look?
  • Your budget. How much have you put aside for the purchase?

We can assist you in answering all the above questions so that you can confidently select the right threshold ramp for your situation.

Other Accessibility Solutions for Your Home

If you’re in need of an accessibility solution that can accommodate a higher rise than any of our door threshold ramps, we have you covered. We have a variety of larger and different ramp styles that were designed to help you reach greater heights safely and with ease.

Folding Ramps

With these ramps, scooters and wheelchairs can access raised landings, vehicles, and steps with ease. Easy to use, they're also compact and lightweight. These ramps fold for easier carrying and transport. With lengths up to 10’, our portable folding ramps can accommodate much greater rises.

Solid Surface Ramps

Where you can't use a traditional portable ramp because of increased mobility needs, the solid surface ramp can be your savior. This ramp is available with and without handrails so that you can choose the right options to meet your needs. It’s more of a permanent solution, but can be moved when need be. It comes in lengths up to 10’ so it can accommodate a wide range of rises around your house so that you can navigate your front porch, landing, door, etc. with ease.

Modular Ramps

If needing to reach even greater heights like significantly elevated porches, our modular ramp systems are here to do the job. Their modularity allows us to design the exact system for you and your home that combines ramps, platforms, and handrails. 

Other benefits of EZ-ACCESS modular ramps include:

  • Easy install
  • Aluminum construction, which outlasts wood 
  • Suitable for virtually any entry configuration 
  • Built-in slip-resistant surface for optimal traction
  • Handrail style options to choose from
  • 1,000 pound weight capacity for you, your mobility device, and caregiver 

The Bottom Line

EZ-ACCESS offers a wide array of ramps that come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and weights. Our ramps are suitable for wheelchairs, scooters, cane users, and walkers to help them access single steps, shower entries, patio doors, and doorways. With our ramps, you can navigate daily obstacles easily and safely.

Interested in finding out how our ramps can give you the freedom to be mobile? Browse all our products to see which one is fit for you. We're at your service.

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