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Make Your Life Easy with EZ-ACCESS Accessibility Solutions

Why Choose EZ Accessibility Solutions

1. Pioneer and Market Leader

EZ-ACCESS's accessibility solutions, including wheelchair ramps, carry more than three decades of expertise. Our pioneering of these dynamic ramps is giving people with mobility challenges freedom and independence.

We're leading the pack in accessibility solutions in residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational products to give you life-changing solutions to common problems. Our ramps are all about breaking down barriers and providing the necessary accessibility to do what you love.

Moving around freely in your home to taking your business goods where you want them to be is our major priority. As a result, we'll continue to lead in ensuring that your home and workplace is safe and accessible.

2. Relentless Quality Assurance

Although we design and manufacture our ramps, which allows for internal, in-depth quality control, when it comes to quality, we go the extra mile and seek a second opinion with many of our products and rely on trusted third-party testing. This ensures that EZ-ACCESS products go through rigorous stress and weight testing and certification.

So, why choose EZ-ACCESS accessibility solutions? We care so much about accuracy, simplicity, and usefulness, that you can use our products with total confidence. Our ramps are made right here in the USA so that we can ensure this high quality.

4. Unmatched Customer Support

As our valued customer, we give you dedicated support via our Customer Service, Technical Support, and Online Chat personnel. EZ-ACCESS’s departmental staff has been cross-trained to handle all types of customer queries. Whether you have ready to ship orders, project requests, or have further product questions, you're in good hands.

Not sure which products to choose? There is no need to worry. Our well-trained product specialists are always on standby to help you select the right solution for your situation.

5. Changing Lives

Our main focus is to make people's lives enjoyable and easier with our products as they enhance their mobility, which is why our mission is to enrich lives by providing access to life beyond barriers. Each of our team members truly believes this and understands the weight of their job and how much of a difference they are making day in and day out. They also get to experience this hands on through many of our outreach events and opportunities. Our staff gets to connect with the very people who benefit from our products when we donate materials to our community and get to perform installations for families in need. 

Whether a Veteran, child, or aging individual struggling with mobility issues, we are here to offer solutions to meet their needs and make their life a little easier.

Now that you're clear about why you should choose EZ-ACCESS accessibility solutions, let's dive into a brief guide on which products may be best for you.

Guide to Buying EZ-ACCESS Accessibility Products

EZ-ACCESS provides a wide range of products, including access solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and recreational industries. Our signature products range from portable folding ramps to patient and toilet lifts to compliant public access ramping and so much more. 

EZ-ACCESS provides versatile products to meet your specifications and ease life's obstacles. Here is a glimpse of our diverse product range that'll satisfy your requirements:

1. Residential

You'll find our most popular ramps in this corner of our offerings, including the angled entry ramp, the modular entry ramp, and the singlefold ramp. These products help those with various medical conditions and other causes of limited mobility be able to eliminate barriers in their life such as stairs, elevated entrances, and more so they can safely and easily get to where they need to go.

With EZ-ACCESS home accessibility ramps, you can reclaim your independence. Regardless of whether you're impaired by disability, age, or sickness, our affordable solutions will jumpstart your life by giving you access where and when you need it most.

Our different life-enhancing ramps have wheelchair, scooter, and walker users in mind. They make their walking or movement or climbing stairs easy and safe. You can check our assortment of residential ramps here.

2. Commercial

Our staple product in this industry is the TITAN Code Compliant Modular Access Ramp. It meets ADA, IBC, OSHA, and most local guidelines and includes ramps, steps, and platforms that can be combined and configured as needed. Visit the page to see more.

Libraries, hospitals, schools, and other commercial applications will find these products cost-effective, convenient, safe, and reliable. They ensure that you gain unrestricted access to your modular buildings, business, portable classroom, and other structures.

3. Recreation

Backed by two versatile portable ramps to assist with loading and unloading your precious cargo, our recreational solutions are a must to have on hand if you have quads, dirt bikes, other all terrain vehicles, riding lawn mowers, or if you’re preparing for a big move and need to maneuver furniture. 

Made for simple loading and unloading out of the back of a pick up, trailer, or an elevated entrance of your home, these ramps are incredibly useful and can help prevent the strain of having to lift heavy equipment or items.  

Seeing is believing. Check out these nifty ramps and accessories.

4. Industrial

Industrial requirements such as safety and ease of movement of products are why we supply portable loading ramps. Our ramps range from curb plates, walk ramps, stairs to platforms, and more.

Businesses involved in loading and unloading heavy products can feel relieved because our heavy-duty loading ramps will:

  • Get rid of the problems of elevated barriers
  • Lead to the safe and efficient transportation of cargo and equipment
  • Enable you to load machinery in the back of your delivery pickup truck

Our products are unique because they can accommodate high-traffic use and come in different capacities to satisfy your particular needs. See for yourself what we offer.

The Bottom Line

EZ-ACCESS's wide product range is primarily made of aluminum, which is durable, dependable, and requires little maintenance. Unlike concrete, steel, and wood products, aluminum is resistant to rust, warping, rot, corrosion, cracking, and wasting. Your savings on maintenance and replacement costs are huge in the long-term.

With these products, you'll reward yourself with the four Rs of aluminum ramps; re-use, relocate, resell, and reconfigure. It's a smart investment to jump on the bandwagon of satisfied customers we have been serving since 1984.  

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