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Shining a Light on the Sales Team

When you sell a product that can have a profound impact on someone’s life, it’s easy to love your job. The Sales team at EZ-ACCESS® are not only experts on our accessible ramps and other products, but they truly embrace the impact their job makes on the world around them. With a wide range of experience and backgrounds, they all share the common trait of wanting to create a world without barriers. 


Gary D. Caldwell, CAPS, CEAC, CHAMP

Regional Vice President of Sales – Home Healthcare – East Region

Gary Caldwell is a seasoned sales professional with a wealth of experience in various industries. Currently the Regional Vice President of Sales at EZ-ACCESS, Gary is one of the many veterans in the company who brings to the table a dynamic skill set and a passion for making a difference in people's lives.

After completing his active duty service in the US Army, Gary began his career as a warehouse manager for a hydraulic supply dealer. Through hard work and dedication, he quickly advanced to an inside sales role and eventually transitioned into outside sales. He gained valuable insights, learning how to build strong customer relationships and meet their unique business needs. 

Gary's journey and growth continued as he became District Manager in the automotive parts field, overseeing operations across multiple states and distribution centers. Recognized for his exceptional leadership skills and business acumen, he was promoted to Regional Manager, responsible for a significant portion of the East Coast. During his more than 20-year tenure in the automotive industry, Gary honed his ability to understand the needs of his customers and develop tailored solutions to drive their success. 

However, it was when the opportunity to join EZ-ACCESS arose that Gary's passion for making a difference in people's lives truly ignited. Since joining the company in 2018, he has been unwavering in his commitment to creating lasting relationships with customers, acting as a trusted business partner, and delivering customized modular access systems that solve unique accessibility needs. 

With his extensive knowledge, professional expertise, and unwavering dedication, Gary continues to drive sales growth at EZ-ACCESS while connecting customers with the access solutions they need. His focus on understanding their unique needs and developing personalized strategies sets him apart as a sales leader who goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction and long-term success. Gary Caldwell is the epitome of professionalism and expertise, making him a trusted business partner and a true leader in the industry.


Stephanie Pitzer 

Area Sales Manager – Home Healthcare – West Region

Stephanie Pitzer is an experienced salesperson and has been a valuable member of the company since early 2023. Stephanie holds a Bachelor’s in Design, Housing, and Merchandising from Oklahoma State University. Her educational background provided her with a solid foundation in understanding consumer preferences and market trends, which she used during an impressive career in education and territory management. Stephanie taught high school family and consumer sciences, marketing, and interior design, then pivoted into a Territory Manager role for a wholesale home decor and gift company, covering Oklahoma and Arkansas for seven years. The combined experience honed her skills in understanding what people truly needed and how to deliver tailored solutions. 

Based in Oklahoma City, Stephanie is deeply passionate about helping others and spending time with her family. Stephanie's success as a salesperson is due to her commitment to building meaningful relationships with her customers. We see it in action every day through her genuine conversations, insightful questions, and attentive listening to uncover her people’s needs. Stephanie’s keen connection with others allows her to accurately gauge the right kind of wheelchair ramp or access solution. Her genuine care for the customer and their business is evident in her approach, and it is this dedication that has led to her ongoing success. 

When it came to choosing a company to work for, Stephanie's decision to join EZ-ACCESS was easy. As a family-owned company that is proudly American-made, EZ-ACCESS prioritizes respect, kindness, and support for its employees. The company's unwavering commitment to excellence, along with its strong support for the military and its faith-centered approach, spoke strongly to Stephanie’s own values, and she knew coming onboard to EZ-ACCESS would be a perfect fit. 

Stephanie Pitzer’s dedication to building relationships and understanding her customers' needs sets her apart in the sales industry. Her strong background and commitment to excellence are shown in every conversation and action, and EZ-ACCESS is thrilled to have her on the team. 


Matt Shaffer, CAPS, CEAC 

Area Sales Manager – Home Healthcare – East Region

Matt Shaffer’s strong track record of success has only grown since joining the EZ-ACCESS Sales team in early 2023. With an educational background in business management majoring in marketing and minoring in biology from Kent State University, Matt brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to his role.

Matt has several years of experience in home healthcare sales and operations, as well as the QSR industry, and even owned his own business for five years. This diverse background provided him with a deep understanding of the sales process and the ability to adapt to varied customer bases. 

Currently located in the Indianapolis area, Matt is a dedicated professional who is passionate about helping people find aluminum ramps and other access solutions. He finds fulfillment in seeing others achieve their goals and outcomes, and he credits his two little boys as his driving force and purpose in life. 

Matt's philosophy is centered around establishing and growing relationships and trust with his customers, as he believes that these strong connections are the foundation for long-term success. His approach of staying professionally persistent and maintaining positive relationships with his colleagues has been instrumental in his achievements throughout his career. Seeing these pillars at EZ-ACCESS, Matt found us to be the perfect fit. He is proud to be part of an organization that aligns with his values and provides him with the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. 

Matt Shaffer is a skilled salesperson with a passion for helping others. With his strong sales and operation management skills, he is well-equipped to meet his customers’ needs. Whether they’re looking for a residential ramp or anything else, he will hone in on exactly what will be the right fit. Matt is a consummate professional with a commitment to building relationships while living the values of EZ-ACCESS. 

Sales should never be just about ringing up a product. It’s about having products you are passionate about, knowing they make a difference in the world, and wanting others to experience the change those products bring. For the Sales team at EZ-ACCESS, there’s no doubt that’s the truth. They spend every day discussing their love for accessibility and helping others find ways of breaking mobility barriers for good. Get in touch with us for your accessibility needs, and you’ll see exactly what we mean!

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