Industrial Ingenuity: Innovating Access for Heavy Equipment

Industrial Ingenuity: Innovating Access for Heavy Equipment

What sets EZ-ACCESS® apart is our drive to meet customer needs, no matter how unique or uncommon. When we were approached by a customer who needed specialized industrial access platforms to operate massive equipment, our Research and Development team immediately got to work. Through leveraging our existing FORTRESS® line, EZ-ACCESS innovated a custom product that was easy to install and met the unique needs of the facility.

Using Existing Products to Design Custom Solutions

Our FORTRESS OSHA Stair System is a variable-height stair set with a landing platform that comes in two configurations: three-stair or four-stair. With an overall platform size of 40.5” x 60", it is often used for temporary buildings, construction sites, and access points in industrial facilities. While some of the features of the FORTRESS, like its durability, would suit this customer’s needs right out of the box, design changes would be necessary for other aspects. The company was looking for a longer platform with an OSHA stair system that would function as a runway alongside large equipment on the premises, meaning they’d need a solution far lengthier than our pre-fabricated version. They would also need a taller height than what the FORTRESS is built with in order to adjoin the space correctly. After gathering detailed measurements and requirements from the customer, EZ-ACCESS crafted a unique solution tailored to their needs.

We designed changes to achieve the needed length by combining several existing platforms, all using our durable and slip-resistant aluminum surfaces to help keep users safe. For this project, the adjustable legs would need to reach 70”—quite a bit higher than the typical maximum of 42.5”. The team made adjustments to the design to get the platform to the right height while still retaining the adjustability. It was extremely important to maintain this feature since some platform legs would need to sit on the ground while others would be secured on an elevated platform. The capability to change the height of individual legs at will is perfect for locations with uneven ground so the platform can still be level. Manufactured from aluminum, just like our access ramps, the final product was delivered in sections for installation, which they reported was no problem!

Innovation Is Part of the EZ-ACCESS Fabric

It is innovative requests from our customers that help us create entirely new product lines. When people reach out to us for solutions that don’t quite exist or can’t be found elsewhere, we listen to their needs to close that gap in the market. It is through this partnership that EZ-ACCESS has been able to create accessibility solutions that span industries, needs, and purposes. We continue to evolve our offerings and innovations through partnerships with the community so that access needs of all kinds can be met without issue. We’re happy to do the same for you, too—just contact our Customer Service team, and you’ll see why we’re the best in the industry at delivering accessibility.

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