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OSHA Stair System for Industrial Use

Equipment used for commercial or industrial purposes must be durable and safety-conscious. This is especially true of the surfaces workers must use daily to get from one place to another. That's why it's imperative only to choose the most highly rated OSHA stair systems designed for this purpose. Learn more about how a quality stair system can create a safer site and help prevent injuries while remaining versatile and easy to use.

OSHA Compliant

Industrial and commercial equipment must adhere to specific safety guidelines regarding their capabilities, safety, and composition. Stairs must be able to provide a safe surface within OSHA stair system requirements for industries to ensure workers and anyone on the worksite can maneuver safely, knowing that their equipment adheres to top safety guidelines and provides them with convenience and longevity.

Introducing the FORTRESS® OSHA Stair System by EZ-ACCESS

Companies and construction contractors looking for a permanent or a temporary stair system for commercial sites can benefit from the FORTRESS OSHA Stair System. It can accommodate most configurations and comes in two different sizes while conforming to OSHA industrial stair requirements.

Additionally, these stair systems can be used in any weather conditions and are designed to stand up to high foot traffic. It's ideal for use with temporary mobile offices, trailers, and permanent buildings requiring stairs, and simply adjusts to the height of the structure.

Add-On Canopy

A canopy attachment is also designed for use with the FORTRESS OSHA Stair System. This canopy is durable and perfect for protection from rain, sun, and snow. This canopy is ideal for entrances to buildings and areas where you might have customers and frequent foot traffic.

Safety is Essential

Safety is the number one concern for companies across all industries. OSHA is the agency ensuring the safety of workers everywhere by outlining specific guidelines for production and performance. The FORTRESS OSHA Stair System closely adheres to all OSHA industrial stair requirements, therefore offering peace of mind and protection from common injuries such as slipping and falling.

Companies should be highly focused on purchasing products that are OSHA approved and designed to offer utility and durability throughout their lives. These stairs are made from highly durable aluminum that resists wear and tear and rust. Rather than guessing if your stairs are up to OSHA standards, you can be sure with the FORTRESS OSHA Stair System.

Convenient Setup

Another reason this stair system is ideal is that it sets up with little effort and doesn't require many tools or struggle to configure. You can set it up in many ways to ensure the perfect fit. In fact, this stair system offers the highest adjusting options in the industry. The height settings range from 23" to 34" for the 3-step with the central height being OSHA compliant at 25.5” and 34". The 4-step configuration adjusts from 27.5" to 42.5" with OSHA compliant heights at 34" and 42.5".

Whether you have a lower entrance on a steel building, or a higher door like you find on a mobile office, this stair system is ideal for either—no more wondering if the stairs suit your particular setup. Even better, you can customize it to any entry point over the years and not have to buy several sets of stairs to accommodate the setup or configuration.

These stairs are also lightweight and don't require much effort to lift because each major component of this system weighs less than 50 pounds. One person can easily lift these sections and piece them together.

Final Considerations

In addition to the many benefits and OSHA industrial stair requirements, the FORTRESS OSHA Stair System is also made in the USA and offers a three-year warranty on quality. That means you don't need to worry about investing in this handy stair system. It's durable enough for any job site and resists wear for many years.

Rather than purchase materials such as wood to build many stairs to accommodate your needs, invest in this single-stair system and get several uses and more features and options out of it than traditional stairs. Reach out to the EZ-ACCESS Sales team directly to get answers to any other questions or to place an order for your company today. We welcome the opportunity to provide potential customers with all the details they need about our high-quality OSHA Stair or any other access products that we provide.

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