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Juvenile Arthritis Awareness Month: Access Solutions for Juvenile Arthritis

Juvenile Arthritis often sneaks in as an invisible condition. On the outside, a child will look completely healthy but internally will experience extreme aches in their joints as they move around. One way to ease the symptoms of Juvenile Arthritis may be to add access solutions to the home that eliminate daily, strenuous activities. Here are a few examples:

Modular entry ramp leading into front door of home

Door Threshold Ramp  

A door threshold ramp will create a smooth surface to easily get over an uneven entryway in the house. Oftentimes, this is needed in a doorway (hence the name door threshold) to allow for an easy way over the door ledge. While this is a small adjustment in a child’s movement, it may help out a great deal if this is something that causes them to ache every day.

TILTâ„¢ toilet seat in the upward setting

Bathroom Safety  

Many joints are at play during the process of using the bathroom. Additionally, when you push up from a seated position, you have a weight-bearing movement on the joints that may be uncomfortable. To take some of the weight off of the joints, products like the TILT® Toilet Incline Lift, which raise and lower the toilet seat as needed, helps eliminate pushing or landing on achy joints.

SUITCASE® singlefold ramp placed outside on steps leading up to a home

Portable Ramps

Portable ramps are great solutions for a single step porch at the entryway of the home , or to take around town so your child can get around with ease. There are a variety of different portable ramps to choose from depending on your family’s lifestyle. However, for ultimate transportability, we typically recommend the SUITCASE® line of portable folding ramps.

GATEWAYâ„¢ ramp with railings leading up front door step into home

Semi-Permanent Ramps  

This type of ramp is great for creating an access solution over several stairs outside the home. The GATEWAY™ 3G, is a one-piece ramp that is available with or without handrails that can easily be set in place or moved around to different entryways if need be. The PATHWAY® 3G, however, is a modular ramp system that combines ramps, platforms, and handrails to create an accessible pathway to and from your home, providing a more permanent means of access.

If you have any questions about these access solutions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Service team!

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