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Aging in Place Tips for Healthy Aging Month

As our population of seniors continues to grow, more and more individuals are choosing to age in place. Caregiver Homes states that this is due to the “rising costs of long-term care, coupled with the rapidly growing senior population as the Baby Boomer generation ages – a generation that’s enjoying a more active, vibrant lifestyle than previous generations.” So, in honor of Healthy Aging Month, we’re going to give you some tips to help you and your loved ones with aging in place!

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Get the Household Help You Need  

Sometimes we can’t do it all ourselves, and that’s okay! There are plenty of programs designed to help you take care of yourself and your home. Consider daily tasks that are painful or unrealistic for you to complete regularly to determine what areas you may want assistance for.

Some common types of support for seniors who want to age in place are:


Household chores - cleaning, yard work, laundry, etc.

Meals - general cooking needs, rides for eating out, senior cooking groups

Personal care - bathing, washing hair, getting dressed, etc.

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Make Your Home More Accessible  

Your home should adjust to your needs, not the other way around. If you don’t feel that you can move around your home safely and comfortably, you may want to consider home modifications and home access solutions that can help eliminate everyday barriers.


Some common access systems and modifications include:

Barrier-free showers


Portable outdoor ramps

Toilet Lifts

Semi-permanent outdoor ramps

Door threshold ramps

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Be Prepared for Emergencies  

It’s hard to predict when you’ll find yourself in an emergency, which is why it’s so important to plan ahead in case you do. Make sure to permit someone you trust to discuss your healthcare with a doctor and make necessary decisions should you become unconscious from a fall or other condition.

You can also talk to your doctor about getting a medical alert ID bracelet or necklace so you can quickly receive help during a medical emergency.

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Invest in Technology to Stay Connected

Develop a Healthy Online Shopping Habit  

You can do just about anything online these days and that includes purchasing household necessities! Find your groceries, toiletries, and any other items online and have them delivered straight to your front door. This is especially helpful in the winter if your driveway is icy or full of snow.


Some online delivery services include:

Amazon - this service is great for most items

Instacart - this service is specifically great for groceries

GoPuff - last, this service will deliver convenience store type items

If you still enjoy getting out to run errands, you can always order household items online at Target or Walmart and request to pick them up at the store closest to you.

For any of your home access needs, EZ-ACCESS is here for you!

Give us a call to talk about how we can break through barriers in your home and make it easier to age in place.

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